Random Music Thread


This wraps up my musical tastes quite nicely


Here you go.


Thank you so much! Speaking of which, I have 3 Soundcloud playlists with 500 songs, and a last one getting there, currently at 180. It’s one of my proudest achievements on the internet


Just came across this on spotify while on random, was quite unexpected.



Oh, just to clarify, I wasn’t the one who constructed that playlist. I just found it one time while searching for songs.

God bless you, Mr. Jerry Chang.


Oooh, what is the genre of each playlist? I particularly like to listen for really mellow and chill music playlists for when I study my research papers.

If any fit that category, send them to me pronto…pls.


Sorry, they’re all mixed bags of different genres. One song you’ll get the most beautiful and heartwrenching synths and the next song you’ll het an ear-shattering hardcore dubstep banger. I’ll guess I’ll compile some of my favorite chill songs right here, so you can still take a look.


Putting this here so I can make recommendations. Everyone, play this song on Master in Lanota. It’s a damn fun trip.


Actual goods:

Gardenia Silvagunner rip. Trust.

I love 4-minute intros.

Has anyone posted this yet?


…chillz…fo’ realz

I’d put my Sirius on chill and leave it there, if Isbae would stop switching it to Lithium…


I wasn’t going to bother posting anything here…until I remembered Shelter. To whom it may concern, even if you generally hate anime and Japan with a fiery passion, watch this anyway. If you’ve already seen it, watch it again.

This wrenches my heart every time I see it and if you can watch it and feel nothing you must be dead inside.


If you haven’t heard Asuka’s theme, you need to hear Asuka’s theme.

Though, as a warning, you may not be ready.


Try the JayKode remix. It’s phenomenal.


Hope this helps brighten everyone’s day! :dancer: :ghost:


Lol…I just posted this a while back.



Some more percussive music for the advanced metal taste.

Hold out to 0:55 this is a long one with some more pleasant surprises

For @nwardezir although I know he listens to much softer music. I had a dance theatre performance at my university with handpicked parts of this one.

The roots of my metal listening

This is what the 15 year old be began to listen. Check the whole album. It is a closed concept one, very recommendable

To calm you guys down here is a for me influential piece from the other side of an old record of The Moldau from Smetana. The Moldau even has a small part with its main melody.



I took the SAT test today, and this was my battle song on my way to the test center. It calms me down but fills me with determination at the same time.



Here’s where my latest deck got its name from: