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1 min, cat. 15char



I have been pressing R to restart the last few days.


Some bangers popping inside this thread.

2 Hour Chillstep Mix:

1 Hour Album

Jazz Piano Bar Music:

Jazz & Bazz (for those who want a bit faster beat/pace)

Personally one of the best Drum and Bass mixes:


@halcyon98 - Electronic Playlist 1, not too trap/drop focused

Playlist 2 - More bout that bass and drop with just some good tunes in between

Playlist 3 - Trap and Dubstep






idk if anyone’s posted this yet, but damn, beyblade raps from the commercials are so lit







I do heart me some P&F



Been a while, so I guess I can share a few things that come to mind.

Re-watched Madoka Magika recently. Rediscovered how excellent the music is. Totes going to buy the soundtrack someday.

On excellent soundtracks that I’ve purchased, I can’t stop obsessing over Octopath Traveler’s OST. I was listening to this track recently… while driving.

Also, shout-out to Katamari Damacy.

Okay, let’s get a little lesss weeby now.
I used to listen to this song a lot a long time ago… I have a feeling someone in particular here also enjoys this band? Dunno.

Old band a friend of mine reminded existed (the drummer is pretty freakin’ nuts):

I’ll probably sing this song the next time I’m at Karaoke. But Maybe I’ll sing ‘Hook’ instead for personal reasons.


Funny, I linked a song from the same album a long time ago. Can’t really label it, personally, but google would tell you dance/electronic.



How can something this epic be also so sad :sob:
Also, his AoT cover makes me stand up and salute even more