Random Music Thread


Mmhmmm…what a shame…



Pfft, I prefer Them Crooked Vultures anyhow. :roll_eyes:


Same…vinyl Vultures is just right.

I like early Queens more than their later stuff, personally.


The kind of music I listen to.


sleepy time


Not the greatest representaion of my tastes (since I like so much stuff), but here’s some random junk I like.


Gonna drop this here to get the prerequisite shitpost out of the way.
Will post more “Legiiiiiit” music eventually.


Why are they all Asian

I thought my Pepsi man song was a shitpost


Not to shit on anyone’s tastes, but I hate K-pop. I’m Korean, so imagine all the backlash I receive for thinking so. Unless you actually like K-pop? Then I’m sorry. :grimacing:


Some quality techno tracks. Beside that I listen to classic rock, classical music and more relaxing electronic music


I have a bit of a distaste for it. mostly because a couple of my friends wouldn’t stop playing Likey one time and I felt like slitting one’s throat at some point
I won’t judge, though. I mean, I mostly listen to weeb shit. And rhythm game music, which is arguably also weeb shit.



Rhythm game music is fucking dope! Rhythm games are fucking dope in general. If anyone uses a derogatory term like “weeb” to describe it, let them listen to their K-pop.


It was the second post on the thread smh


Sorry, kinda skipped through most of the posts the first time around so that I could throw Mili and KIVA into the mix.


Oh, fuck.

But I don’t like kapoops!


This is the only rhythm game song I listen to regularly. Don’t get me wrong, I love rhythm game music, but I personally think they’re not really suitable to hear while studying or riding the bus or something.


Some K-pop is alright, its usually the hardcore fans which is the turn off. Since its hard to enjoy something when a lot of other people are being over-bearing with it.


What game is this from? I’m curious.

Also, there’s the entirety of Deemo’s OST. If you want something akin to the song you posted, a lot of Cytus II’s songs are kind of in the same vein. Arcaea and Lanota have some pretty good shit as well.


You guys want to know one of my favorite, most beloved music of all time?

It is the theme for the first town you visit in Dragon Quest 5. Really tugs at my heart strings whenever I hear it or hum it to myself which is a lot.


Funny thing, the song is from Arcaea. I find it frustratingly difficult, but really fun nonetheless. And I absolutely adore Deemo and Cytus II’s soundtrack! I would actually listen to Cytus II’s songs like I listen to my EDM, as many of their songs are indeed, EDM. Wait, let me search them up on Soundcloud real quick to see if they’re there. I’ll be back.