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Random Music Thread


I think I’ll go ahead and show you more of my favorite music, this time in my native language. I don’t usually listen to songs in Polish, but there are some that I’m pleased with.

Reni Jusis - Ćma (Gromee Remix)

Xxanaxx - Nie znajdziesz mnie (feat. TEN TYP MES)





So I was going to post music daily but my intrest in finding new songs has disapeared.






Ayy reol!



(New posters don’t have to read through everything first to ensure non-duplication, right?)

(^Haven’t listened to the remastered version.)


I’ve been thinking of some albums for each faction, that I’d be using as soundtrack if I would start streaming (extremely unlikely though).

Here’s some tasters for what would be playing for different factions:








I found Kara’s theme



Sometimes it’s nice to just sit and feel the music :drooling_face:




You are very welcome.


Parts of the next two are actually too harsh for my taste (I find that easier to tolerate
while I’m playing a song in Frets on Fire, which is how I found them):