Random Music Thread


You have to check out the remix by Marshmello! Sadly, Marshmello is now trash but at least we can appreciate what he used to be.


Anyone here enjoys some slow and romance music from the 80’s or 90’s?
Some of these are the classics


I only really like Faded interms of Alan Walker but Faded is one of the best examples of the genre imo.

Faithless is the best example.


I’m still not sure on what genre Faded is. It’s electro house, but is also progressive house? I guess it is also trance?


I forgot to include “interms of Alan Walker” and it made it seem like I don’t get super hyped when I hear bassically every Faithless song.

@halcyon98 Progressive house, there is also a royalty free version without the vocals and extra the second D that is a lot more “hype”(?)


I’m pretty sure the version without the lyrics is just called Fade. As for the best progressive house song in the world, nothing beats this in my opinion. It never gets old.



I didn’t get what you meant by this part.






Where the glowsticks at?


I started listening to electronic back around 2000…happened to stumble upon this artist/group…

This song is newer, of course…

Chill is my favorite XM station, btw


Been listening to Dm Dokuro a lot over the past few days, he makes the music for the Terraria mod Calamity and he uploads remixes from the normal game as well amd his own non-Terraria related stuff.


Oh and Siivagunner sampled one of his songs from the Terraria mod!?




Got to love Feryquitous.



The japanese eletronica scene in general needs more outsider love.

Freakin’ rythm game haven.


Rhythms games are the shit. Brings me back to when my iPad was still working…