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WARNING: It is 8 hours long





Today’s theme is pink.


My laptop has a hard time processing all those links at once man. All in favor of putting posts with excessive/an abundance past 3 of links within a summary?

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also check this channel out:





“Ne i te i de te e i su”
Wo (kanji) ki na o te mi ta (some character i cant read a no)

When i said kanji and “character I cant read” it means those were just characters i forgot/never learned. Every space identifies a character. Ie wo=を

Idk what these translate to tho


The beat that this game plays to is pretty bumpy!


I’d say my music taste is expensively unique, but my favorite tunes drift more towards electro music. I’ll share with some, because there are too many that I really enjoy to share in one go.


[ionnalee ft. Jamie Irrepressible - DUNES OF SAND]


[So Below - Drift]


[ЛУНА (Luna) - Пули (Puli)]


Finally somebody who likes electronic music on this thread! I suppose your tastes do kind of diverge from mine, as you seem to like techno/trace/electronic while I like trap/future/house, but it’s close enough.


I like pretty much all music. I have enjoyed everything you and everyone have shared.


Legitimately like everything except rap and metal.


That’s actually really surprising! In my school, everyone avoids EDM as if it’s the plague.


My inner love to electro started when I was randomly listening music through tuba.fm. Suddenly, a track from Royksopp was played. The name of the norwegian duo reminded me of one track in LBP 2 (Royksopp has the instrumental version of their track “Vision One” in that game). I was filled with excitement to recognize that fact.

The playlist also had songs from Ladytron (they also have a track in LBP 2, “Ghosts” to be exact). Yet again, I realised this fact later.

After all that, I got so hooked into electronic music, and I never looked back. I started to also enjoy more club and pop music, and I don’t mind listening to some trap, but electro will still be what I really love to listen.


What kind of school do you go to?

In modern society EDM is one of the top dogs.


Ah yes, Alan Walker… I didn’t really like him at first, but now I enjoy some of songs like “Sing Me to Sleep”. Still not worth adding to my playlist, but I enjoy it.


If it’s a country wide thing do you not have raves???