Random Music Thread



Evangelion! :raised_hands:




The soundtracks in spice and wolf remind me EXTREMELY about the music in stronghold…



This is the most nostalgic track of mine

MH3U is one of my most play games and still one of my favourites(a TRUE shame that i lost it :frowning: )
Given how much time i spent with it and that this theme played after every village quest it realy burned itself into my memory…great theme that brings back memorys of a great game


People are posting weeb shit music! Time to slide into them DMs.

Dia best rock fight me

The official versions of Sh0ut and Gravity Wall are blocked in my country. On every platform I’ve checked. Sadlife.

If you know where this one is from, Uh… sorry for reminding you.

Yeah, looks like this is gonna be a big post. Apologies.





I can’t read Japanese but iirc this is the 10th anniversary of one of the greatest YouTube channels around Marasy8.



What mess have I found myself in?