Random Music Thread


Wait really? Oh thats not good.


Maybe it’ll get more people into Duelyst.


or into lolis or into metal.

hell I dont even like metal. I just happen to like this song.


I personally dislike meta altogether, except for this song, which is a metal song remixed by a electronic artist. It’s pretty ambitious, and fucking awesome.


And for you @halcyon98


Heresy! You should learn your solids well, for one day you too shall go back to the Earth you came from and give back all the metal within you


This is the song closest to metal I listen to. It’s electronic in essence, but only because it’s remixed from the original song by an electronic artist.


Those growls are a bit turn-off for me (growling is like singing in that there’s both the singer’s skill and your own tastes involved in how they sound to you) but otherwise it sounds nice :smiley:



This guy is the most horrendously underrated and unappreciated electronic music producers I’ve seen in my life. His music is just phenomenal, yet he isn’t getting the attention he deserves, it seems.




Best dragonball combat theme

Best dragonball character theme



:sunglasses: SEAL!


Yep, found a metal version of the song on spotify, but the Seal version is the more relaxing (and probably better) version of the song.


If this doesn’t carve itself into your very soul, then you are a filthy capitalist and you will be made to Give unto the Void!