Random Music Thread


I was bored and then got the idea that we should have a music thread. Everyone loves music, right? If you want to share your passion towards certain music or have recently found an awesome song that everyone should know about, feel free to post them here. As for me, I love electronic music. I’ll start by posting the some of my favorite songs. You probably won’t recognize most of them, but take a gander if you wish.

Do you have a dooly playlist?





Here are some songs to lay back to. Most of them are a few years old, but they’re an excellent source of melancholy nostalgia for me. Wow, I think I’m going to cry.




That Get High song is fucking beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing it.


Joji is better


Those are some great feels. I’ll take this moment to make some more suggestions of similar nature.


lol @halcyon98 I honestly listened through your entire library posted here while working today, great music :wink:

Here’s some Romanian folk electronic dub woob-woob guys I really like as well:


That’s really good! I never heard anything like it.


I am a person who loves Rayark games so I’m just gonna dump some good music I’ve found from Rayark-related artists.

Mili is a great group. Sure, there’s a bit of engrish sometimes, but their music is amazing.momocashew’s voice is the thing I want to hear right before I die.

KIVA. 'Nuff said.


I love KIVA! Much love for Mili and HAG as well. Speaking of which, I just realized my username was derived from a Cytus song.


Always meant to ask if that was the black case. Cooooool.


Also if you want to try some new things, there’s this hispanic band i love. though the lyrics of their songs tend to be depressive


…Anyone who has been around the meme thread knows I am ALL about a “Duelyst Jukebox” thread to provide a taste of music from around the world by which to play the game when the game’s music wears a little thin. (I do love the game’s soundtrack, but I can only take repetition for a short time…

I will make full use of this space, and I truly encourage others to share the music that moves them and feeds their souls…

I love everything I’ve heard so far…:heart_eyes:



I’m a simple guy, I see Queens of the Stone Age, I li- oh… Stupid Isbee. :angry: