Ramp Meltdown Faie


Hello, CreepMeDown here bringing you a Vanar list that might feel close to some others but oh well, what can you do?

Before I start with the post, if you have any question about the list or anything feel free to add me in game or reply here. I’ll try to come to the forums at least once per day. Go ahead and stalk my losses too :smiley:

I’ve been playing for the past 8 months like 100-150 games per month and reached SRank last month with faie only. I’m going to try again this month with this deck that I’ll keep updating. Still, I doubt I’ll make it since it’s exam season -.-’’

Without further ado, here’s the decklist: (EDIT: took 1 Dioltas out for 1 more Shroud. I felt I wasn’t drawing it enough.)

So, the goal of this deck is to ramp to 8 mana as quickly as possible with 3x Wisp and start burning the opponent down with Meltdown. Meanwhile, you’ll also be trying to survive as long as possible with Shroud, Corona and Herald.

Some particular card choices:

  • 2x White Asp - It’s my favourite card <3 <3 <3 Also synergises well with Shroud.

  • 2x Bonereaper is mainly personal preference. I was playing Embla before just to try her out but she seemed to provide too low impact so I swapped her out. I think Bonereaper is good thanks to Enfeeble as you can play those two together at 9 mana and most of the time you’ll ramp up there quite fast.

  • No Sleet Dasher as I don’t have enough deckspace to support it properly and without support it’ll mostly be a dead card. If it survives, its impact will still be low.

Alternatively, you can run Embla and Razorback instead of Meltdown and Dancing Blades, but I feel you’d just be better off with the regular Jax + Razorback combo. It’ll be fresher so, if that’s what you are looking for, it’ll most likely still be worth doing and will still kill the opponent, except at little later.


  • Vet - Sadly (or not) I haven’t played against any Obelysk vet to test it out. However, you should win 2/3 matchs against artifact Sajj thanks to Corona and Shroud.

  • Magmar - Mostly in your favour. If you let the Vaath get out of control, he’ll win most likely. Don’t give up, you can always Enfeeble and Skorn/Reaper. Save a few CCs for his body. Aggro magmar does your job for you: they kill themselves while you just stay alive.

  • Abyssian - Honestly a skill matchup against ramp. At diamond 5 I win most of them, but it’s not that high yet so I might encounter problems in the future. I’ll try to talk to Traestare to test against a skilled ramp player.
    Cassyva is hell on earth, but if you can remove that stupididly OP and senseless card Kelaino you’ll do fine. Play around Grasp of Agony.

  • Vanar - Skill matchup of course.

  • Songhai - Easy, they can’t kill you in between Shrouds and Coronas.

  • Lyonar - I saved the worst for last :’( I just can’t seem to win vs them reliably. However, that’s because I get tilted very easily. Even before the expac my worst matchup with every faction was Healnar (yeah…). (Please delete sunriser!)


Hailstone Prism can be good against Lyonar, but I am not sure how this deck would play with it. I feel as though Lyonar will become more and more popular so it probably wouldn’t hurt to have more tech cards against them especially if they are a rough matchup


Shroud is our new proud now :smiley: Your deck looks consistent to play. Thanks for sharing.


That moment when “Shroud” doesn’t refer to the dispel minion.

Anyway, this is just out of curiosity: why do you run Meltdown over Dark Nemesis? It just looks like your other cards are more focused on board clear, so maybe a minion focused on face damage could be powerful. Is it because of the Cryphtographers?


Right now I can sometimes deal with them and since I won’t play against them 100% of the matches I’m seeing how it does. I might need to swap something out in the case Argeon gets as popular as it was pre-expac.

It’ll be sad to see :frowning:


Mainly because it doesn’t have any immediate impact.

Also, curve wise, you can either play Nemesis intro a clear board at 7 mana, and at that point you’ll have won the game already as a control deck since you’ve stabilized and have tmepo, or at 8 mana after having cleared the board at 7 mana not to have it removed so soon. Now with punish and all the dispell going around, it’s mostly a dead card.

Meltdown can be play at 8 mana without any draw back even if they put something big after you’ve gained control of the board. It has immediate impact and even if it kills anything else (that is not a 2 drop or a wraithling) it’ll still generate some sort of value. If it isn’t cleared next turn, oh well gg!


@anarchy Very cool deck, just played against it tonight. That shroud/Asp combination was impressive.

What aspect of the Lyonar mathcup were you struggling with, just sunriser combo’s?


Grandmaster embla is very good in such deck. It can reverse a situation. Also I like the combo sleet dasher + boundless courage in that kind of deck.


Well, sunriser is a tilty card for me now more than ever, but even before the expansion I lost to healnar like 70% of the games because I tilt waay too hard.

However, I’d say the constant provokes and overstatted bs is what hurts the deck. Double silverguard, for example is very hard to deal with, especially after a ironcliffe. It’s not unbeatable though, with good draws you can get yourself out


I’ve been running a similar list substituting what I have available.

But I gotta ask, why not a gravity well or two to stall the opponent even further?


No space and low impact without the proper suppost.

It’s also kinda useless against all AOEs right now. I’m not running winter’s wake in this deck, not even razorback so I didn’t see any reason to put them in.


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