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Ragnora Theory-crafting


Usually I like to put in a ton of games before I put out a thread, but new general hype has got me to excited to wait, so to start off my new general series I am putting out the first couple decks I am going to be playing.

Did a very long night of streaming as I thoroughly tested the OTK variant:

Aggro Golems


Sort of a best of both worlds between the aggro combo and the midrange deck. In aggro combo spikes/deci is cool but a bit awkward, jammer does the same job much cleaner. Since its quite aggressive, unlike the midrange version, it just really doesn’t need healing beyond Ragebinder. Cutting the excess healing/deci lets us fit the full golem package in.

Has been performing exceedingly well, climbed to top 50 quickly, currently sitting at 22 and climbing.

Aggro Combo


First and foremost I really like combo decks, and this general is just begging for it. A 3/1 with rush and celerity is a truly amazing buff target, so much so that primordial gazer can really find a home here despite almost never seeing play. Fortitude and Gazer really make that little ripper crazy strong as they give it both more attack and the health to get two swings in. Combine that with eggmorph and inceptor as ways to hatch it right away leaving you with a bunch of scary combos. Flash/Gazer/Morph/BBS 6 mana 10 damage, Flash/Inceptor/Fortitude/BBS 4 mana 10 damage. These can be mixed and matched, or adding additional buffs with more mana to create even more crazy bursts. Combine that with a powerful control suite, healing, and the much maligned deci/spikes combo as an alternate finisher/hand refiller and we have the potential for a really scary and powerful combo deck. This one plays somewhere between aggro and tempo, and it favors buffs that add health.

Lava Lance sadly feels like the decks weak point, and it really needs some dispel to deal with Vaath, Walls, and Mechs, trading it for bender.

Trading Earth Sphere for Cryptographer, gives us another two drop, helps out a lot, and earthsphere is turning out to be a bit slow for what is turning out to be a really aggressive deck and between mystic/azure we got healing covered.

While I would really like both I think Makantor is prob the better option over plasma.

Lava Lance is going back in over Natural Selection due to Anti synergy from nat select.

OTK Combo


If you want to make a more OTK version work then I really actually like the loreweaver/thumping approach. The deck is very spell heavy ensuring you get good use out of abjucator and it lets Loreweaver provides superb card advantage and multiply important cards, its extra potent with gaze. With a combination of abjucator, eggmorph, thumping, and fortitude you can pull off a seven mana 20 damage. Combine that with amazing control, stall, healing, a bit of chip damage, and its proved to be a consistent, although sometimes slow, competitive deck. Unlike the previous one it wants to just sort of save combo bits for one huge play rather then going for a more tempo approach.


Spikes is overkill on draw, and deck really needs dispel so trading it for Lightbender for now.

Dropped a lance and a bender for two sunset paragon for various matchups.

Traded lavalance and light bender for third sunset and three primal balast as we really needed a good answer to mechazor and vaath preferably in spell form.



Now as much as I love combos Im not sure if they will be consistent enough to really be top tier, with that in mind here is a powerful midrange deck that I think can be top notch. Basic golem package with several ways to abuse ragebinder and your BBS, with crypto supplying extras, combined with the rest of magmars usual midrange/control picks and I think you have a really deadly deck. Yea I know no Lava Lance, but there just isnt room and even with the new BBS its not as strong as most of the usual control/midrange staples.


Adding two gazer for more combo potential, droping an emp and khur.

Sadly I think Morin-Khur is the weak point here and the deck really needs some good dispel since Vaath is just your worst matchup, and flawless/mechs are an issue. So trying out EMP in its place for now.

When x-pac comes will probably switch plasma for pupabomb, and nat select for lance. For now I still like the fun seven mana play plasma/nat select.

Trading Inceptor for Morin Khur as this deck wants to save its flashes for other things and doesent need to combo early.

Blood Rage ripper abuse.


Greater fortitude has become a staple with rippers, and gazer is also really good with them, but Blood Rage has even more potential! So in order to get the most value out of blood rage we pack its partner quillbeast, and a lot of bodies. While ripper is the fairly ideal blood target, sometimes eggs can just add to the blood value.

Quillbeast can be procced by BBs and not kill the egg, and you can cast blood on a ripper and it will get buffed before quill can kill it.

Add all that to the basic golem package and its a pretty scary, allthough math intensive, deck.

Since the decks focus is on bloody rippers Skorn is counter productive. With that in mind I am trading Skorn for another of rippers favorite cards Primordial gazer.

I have made it to S rank for many seasons now, with frequent top 50s when I have the time to play competitively and occasional top tens. Since I have not had the time to stream as much as I want, I figured I would just share some of my stuff each week and get my name out there so the community knows me a little better for when I do eventually get around to it. You can check out the rest of my stuff here:

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What? No c burst morin khur combos?


Damn thats interesting :v good lob!


Nhaaa been there done that, and it’s just to slow at 6 mana now, I also always despised the RNG aspect of it.


After a couple of Abjudicators (spelling of this name lol), I saw the following happened.

1 mana to summon a ripper (3/1 celerity/rebirth) egg
3 mana to hatch the egg with Egg Morph
0 mana Greater Fortitude (+2/+2) and 3 mana Thumping Wave (+5 attack)

The result…7 mana 10/3 celerity that does 20 damages OTK :smiley:




Double post, sue me


Had planned to do later this week, but this new general hype has got me all excited, gona try streaming tonight, very shortly!


Another unscheduled stream! Last nights was the spell version, now its time for the spikes one.


First general I got I do not regret it its fun to finally play a actual egg deck again


Ohhh I did not think of Blood Rage! Just lost a game to a raging ripper! New draft incoming!


Have you considered Celebrant?


No? And for which deck?


Golems. It might help get the combo off earlier. I haven’t tested it.


Short stream for Midrange version starting now.


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