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Ragnora MKII skin


I’m so ready for this, y’all don’t even know.


That spin is :ok_hand:


Love the Kinematic Equilibrium. :ok_hand:


that loincloth looks like a wiggly pener, and every inch of his body looks like it’ll mess u up. this is the kind of swag we need.


Ragnora going Darth Maul :metal:

…still think (s)he’s the only female Magmar though, mostly because of the name.


She’s a trap!


The Magmar aspects are specifically all male, though. The last female died a long time ago. That’s why they can’t reproduce and there’s only 13 of them. Ragnora doesn’t lay his eggs, unless you also assume Brome is literally giving birth to baby Crestfallen whenever he uses his BBS. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, my unpopular opinion is that I don’t actually like most of the MK II skins. They all tend to go for the “Really Big And Also On Fire” aesthetic, whereas I generally prefer designs that are a bit more sleek and minimalist.

I do love Faie’s, though, since she gains a comfy-looking parka and a bird.

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