[Quiz] Newbie help: Which faction are you?


I took the test too to try it. As a long time player of Duelyst and hobby games like MTG and Warhammer i should point out that the choices are pretty much known and self explanatory in which faction they are refering. BUT since it is for newbies i appreciate the work that you did. It is a pretty good and fun quiz.


This Street Fighter question is relevant and well written, do you mind if I copy-paste and add it to the quiz?


By all means, please do.

One condition though, choose a cool pic for Gief!


Alright :slight_smile: Thank you!


Grappler main? :thinking:


In Duelyst? sure, lol

In SF, Gief is my go-to guy when Iā€™m learning a new game but then I usually branch out to something else, like in SFV I main Ed (on those very, VERY rare occasions when I fire up SFV).

Currently waiting for Soul Calibur VI to be released because my boy Astaroth (grappler) was announced, and Iā€™m also monitoring Dead or Alive 6ā€™s development for when Bass and/or Leon and/or Bayman (grapplers) are announced.


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