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Quillrage/Kraterfang May S rank list

I made it to S rank today with my most recent version of Bloodrage, and I wanted to share with you the updated list. With the return of Blistering Skorn and Wild Inceptor, I was able to revert my list to resemble somewhat of my original Ragnora S rank Bloodrage list looked like, with a few key changes. I didn’t get to play as many games with the list as I have in previous seasons to get to S, but so far I have had about a 70% wr.


Card Choices

  • Wild Inceptor
    Provides more flexibility and tools for hatching Ripper Eggs, and its ability to be ramped can make it easier to combo Ripper Eggs with cards like Blood Rage or Greater Fortitude

  • Plasma Storm
    The current tech that I am running for this meta. It can remove the majority of units in this meta, and I find it particularly useful against Vetruvian and Songhai.

  • Krater and Blistering Skorn
    I decided to run both Krater and Skorn, as while Krater can make comboing easier Skorn has an overall better body. I use a x2/x2 split, but I believe this can be adjusted to player preference. Alternatively, you may be able to swap one of these out in exchange for Homeostatic Rebuke, while adjusting the number of Plasma Storms and Egg Morphs that you run.




Your decks make me wanna play Magmar.

BTW, seems I have everything for this one, so I may give it a try.

Edit. Oh no, I don’t have Twin Fangs :cry: So many interesting decks, so little spirit…


If you don’t have twin fang, I would say maybe try out primordial gazer as an alternative. The list wouldn’t be as focused on self harm with the change, but in exchange you would be adding more Ripper combo synergy.


Need 2 twin fang. My only problem with this deck in he past was not understanding the piloting, but now I have plenty of learning material to use. Huge tnx


How’s my budget version? Yea I know, I should get the Makantors and Lavaslashers, only reason I don’t is because I don’t really play any factions outside of Vet and Abyssian much

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rebuke has better egg synergy then plasma storm. since natural has antisynergy, rebuke is sorely needed for board clears. dunno much else bout the archetype.

It’s times like this I wish unranked was still a thing so I could actually use this deck without risking chevrons

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Funny enough I thought of you today when I looked at your old decklist from 1.93. Good to see a new version, added it to the wiki: https://duelyst.gamepedia.com/Guides#Magmar_Faction

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I wouldn’t recommend running too many spells, or else your draw will get clunky. Instead of lava lances and insight, I would recommend running x3 dancing blades and x2 primordial gazer.

While I understand that rebuke has better synergy with eggs (aka our ripper eggs, since they’re the only eggs that are ran inn the deck), I’m running plasma storm as a meta tech against Songhai and Vetruvian mainly, who run more low attack units with greater health values. That being said, if the meta calls for it (ex: Wanderer decks become more common again) I probably will end up teching it in instead.

I would definitely look at my replays if you haven’t already. Especially in my match against UnoPro, plasma storm can be a great comeback card in this meta.


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