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Quillrage - A Duelyst in Need


After seeing a couple Quillrage decks using Ragnora posted here I thought I’d try it out as I’d never used a Blood Rage combo before.

I played ten games with this today in Gold, and let me say it’s been one of the most humiliating experiences in my short Duelyst career. I’ve lost 9 of the 10 games, and the only one I won had nothing to do with the BR combo, just the usual GF + Ripper combo. This is one of the worst streaks I’ve endured, even worse than a lot of testing phases for homebrewed decks.

So I ask you guys, how in the everliving shit did you get this to work? I’ve seen T2 and T3 wins with this but my eggs never seem to survive long enough to get the combo off. Trying to get both Quillbeast and an egg on the board is nightmarish, never mind collecting enough procs off of Quillbeast for Blood Rage to be worth a damn. Nobody is stupid enough to get within range of my Ripper eggs and when they do so it’s usually far too late to matter.

The combo requires Quillbeast, 3 mana, a Ripper, 1 mana, and Blood Rage, 4 mana. Even with a flash in the works that’s still 6 mana, not mentioning the shitshow of having an Egg Morph or Wild Inceptor, both 4 mana, in hand to hatch the little bastard. It seems like a two turn combo, one that either requires a Ripper egg to survive for a turn while remaining near enough to the enemy General for a double hit, or for Quillbeast to stay alive and a Propagate Rage, Flash Inceptor and a Blood Rage to go off. Even with the Flash that is still a 7 mana combo that requires dubious setup.

Is there a problem with the decklist I’m using? I don’t have Rebuke, Progenitor or Morin Khur, but I’ve seen similar decks played without them. If not the decklist, what advice can you give to get this bitch to take off? Because as it stand I’m leaning towards just the usual Ragmar decks which rely on the usual Ripper combo and not one that I just can’t seem to get right.


The problem is that you are playing ragnora and eggs
Most of the quillrage decks ive seen were starhorn zoo decks

It looks like you just shoved quillrage into an egg deck and didnt realize the anti-synergy

If you want a quillrage deck, make a quillrage deck
If you want an egg deck, make an egg deck
But realize that those two have no place in the same deck


I feel these two would disagree with you. The purpose is to make use of Ripper’s Celerity to do a ton of damage in conjunction with Blood Rage.

Both these players posted decks using this type of deck in which they had success in S-Rank and Diamond. However I looked at many of their replays and while it did look very strong I still struggle to see how they had any consistent success, which is why I made this thread.

And in reply to your statement of quillrage being a Starhorn thing:



the problem with ripper is that it has 1 health
meaning you cant cast any spells with a quillbeast without killing it
killing the combo too

the conspicuous thing i notice is that you run a LOT more spells than the other two decks
notably egg morph, and insight, neither of which can be played with quillbeast on the board
you dont have elucidator or thunderhorn to get lots of damage from a big minion
they can both cause a lot of damage to feed into bloodrage without relying on quillbeast, as well as making excellent targets for bloodrage

you on the other hand have ripper as a target… period.
you need more options for playing your win condition


Hold your horse!
There has been an Eggrage deck on this Forum: Quillrage pauper - T2 Kill which means this is no baseless endeavour.


  • @Neoncat never stated about his actual winrate
  • he didn’t run Embryotic insight nor Eggmorph/ I assume a much more refined decklist.
  • most his T3 wins came down to a lack of opponent’s removal+ Crypto–>Rage Reactor+Quillbeast.
  • This combo is very specific to pull off

I dunno If I broke him but he seemed pretty exhausted when I played against this deck. ( I even missed Lethal around the 6 mana mark)

I am always open to a rematch and deck refining. I still need a plan for Ragnora after the shimzar rotation.


The egg Morph was due to Akurane stating that he felt it was a better card for this deck than Thumping, as it was both removal and for Egg hatching. His version also made use of Rebuke, which I did not have, so I added in Egg Morphs for for its stated dual purpose.

Insight was due to my often running low on cards but it has some obvious anti-synergy with Quillbeast so I will be cutting it.

Egg Morph can actually be played with a Ripper egg on board oddly enough. I didn’t believe it until I tested in practice mode. The animation indicates that the spell procs Quill, which then kills the egg, but somehow the Ripper still hatches with full health. You then buff it as needed from there.

I will try Thunderhorn and Elucidator as well after cutting some cards though, could be I may have more success with them.

@beelakor Ah yes. That was an earlier iteration of the deck that lacked both Inceptor and Egg Morph. I unfortunately lacked any AoE in the deck beside Plasma and hoped to fall back and develop a Ripper and draw you in for the combo. Unfortunately the opportunity never materialised and I was playing catch-up for basically the entire match. That was honestly one of the most disheartening of the losses as it felt like I was forced to make absurdly sub-optimal plays in order to not lose combo pieces.

Akurane claimed a 75%+ winrate so I will endeavour to create a decklist closer to his, but I can’t help but feel like the combo is just a bit too janky to pull off without an opponent playing into it.


I have played like 2 or 3 games with my bloodrage deck so take this with a grain of salt, but i think your problem is that your trying too hard on the combo. Smashing your opponent with a buffed up Ripper won’t be the usual way to win games, don’t focus on it so much. Putting BR on a Lavaslasher with a few procs is far easier and can still be huge, hit for 10+ damage and leave a body that demands an answer. Don’t forget that you also have most of the pieces for a decent midrange Magmar deck, don’t try to go all in on the combo if there is no opportunity to do so. You have a whole bunch of ways to win, the secret to playing the deck is probably knowing when to use which.


I agree with what @baharoth said; I feel like you put too much emphasis on using the blood rage combo, particularly in conjunction with Rippers. While Ripper Eggs are nice due to celerity, they are much harder to proc off of with Quillbeast on board without using Greater Fortitude(s) first. The combo is powerful on any minions that stick, and the advantages of not using it on a Ripper usually boils down to being able to get off more Quillbeast procs for Bloodrage.

It is also important to note that the Rippers themselves act as an alternate win condition. While Bloodrage can be amazing when pulled off (and a necessity in some matches to win), Hatching a Ripper Egg and using Greater Fortitude on it is still very deadly to use in conjunction with your strong minions (golem package, Thunderhorn, Makantor Warbeast).

Seeing your deck, I would definitely try to get a third Makantor Warbeast due to how strong it is in Magmar as a whole. You run the additional egg package of Insight, Reactor, and Lava lance, of which I haven’t really tested in my version of the deck. Personally, I would cut Rage Reactor at the very least for some AoE (either Thunderhorn or Rebuke), and cut 1 Lava lance for a third Makantor Warbeast.

I think a bit of draw would not hurt the deck, and I can see the utility that Lava lance can provide for the deck. However, I am not sure of A.) How often you will have an egg on board to use these effects and B.) How necessary these effects are in relation to the rest of the deck (without Twin Fang, I did not find myself needing draw as much as I did when running Twin Fang).

In my most recent version of the deck, I have 3 main win conditions; Ripper + Fortitude, Blood Rage, and Twin Fang, of which all 3 have some overlap over each other. I think that you should consider how you plan on winning with the deck, as so far it seems your plan is either through Blood Rage, Rippers, or a combination of both (of which your deck seems heavily geared to accomplish, but which can prove to be difficult in practice. While you have multiple ways to generate eggs, you only have x3 Blood Rages (combo piece) and x3 Quillbeasts (combo activator)).


A thing to note is that if you apply any buff to a 1 health target while a Quillbeast is on the field, it will gain the buff and take the damage somewhat simultaneously, and the minion will live. This is especially important when using a the Quillrage combo on a 1 health unit; it severely limits how many procs you will be able to get off, but you will still be able to use Bloodrage on it safely without it dying while also getting the damage procs from Quillbeast accounted in the buff.


This might actually be the issue. This is the first combo deck I’ve played outside of Decimus Starhorn and that combo comes up much more organically and doesn’t require absurd amounts of setup. Up until now most of my decks have relied on synergy and tempo for the most part so this is a change of gear for me.

Decimus Starhorn did not really have flexibility in the combo but I see your point about BR having that versatility in its use. Most of the time I’m holding onto combo pieces as I would in DeciSpikes but that clearly is not working.

@akurane I’ll take both Baharoth’s and your advice and switch up my deck a bit. Much of my deck is geared towards the Egg synergy to the point that I may be trying to force it too much. I’ll tweak it a bit over the next couple days and see if it gets any better. Unfortunately I don’t have Rebuke so T-horn will have to do for now.


Here’s another T2 kill (vs Ragnora) for your enjoyment:

It’s important to realize that Quillbeast is merely the easiest kind of shenanigans you can get up to with Blood Rage. There’s actually a lot of synergy with other cards that ping for damage, and you can also rack up a lot of damage simply by attacking with a weenie swarm before casting Blood Rage.

It’s also important to note that this deck has no mid- or end-game. Either you roll over your opponent within four rounds, or you’ve lost.

Playing against the deck is easy - just kill all the Ripper eggs, or keep your general back until you have removal.

My win rate was probably 80% through Diamond. It dropped to 50% against S-Rank, where Sajj or Vetruvian usually draw enough control to prevent the early rout.


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