Questions then mohaha


I played a songhai vs Lilith. The finisher Was P. F which I didn’t put in my deck, somehow I replaced to it - greatest bug ever.

So I tried the new fox and played against several net decks which was the same(people please build your own). Figuring that more often the general will be the one to travel, is it just me? The card should pick a random enemy so it’s possible yet…


Anyone know what P.F is?


phoenix fire maybe?


Oh…serves me right for never playing songahi


Possibly a Phoenix Fire from Lantern Fox, L’Kian or Xho. Any of those in deck?

  1. Confirmation Bias. what is your sample size? 50? 100? Yeah.
  2. People aren’t necessarily netdecking. Great minds think alike and especially standard stuff like aggromar is self explanatory and not hard to build, while the result will be mostly the same.


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