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I am a new player to the Duelyst,I got some questions for gauntlet

  1. Are there any websites that track the performances and the rewards of gauntlet??

  2. What orb type will be given at the end of gauntlet? just the core set or BOTH set?

if the latter one is true , Is it better to buy core orb directly rather than play the if the performance is average(3-3)? since the drop rate of the newer set is worse the core ,and may not be a good to a new player.

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  1. ?
  2. if you get a lot of wins in gauntlet you might have a chance of getting more than 1 orb which i can say for sure since i have gotten more than one orb.
    as for the type of orb it seems to be random.

if you perform average 3-3 i think doing gauntlet is better than buying orb directly since not only do you learn faster on how to get good in gauntlet, it’s also not that bad of a score, well you can certainly do better very soon.

note that you can’t get Bloodborn orb from gauntlet.


In regards to the first question, the certainly guides to help guide people in gauntlets runs, Although I don’t think their are any specific website trackers for gauntlet. I would ask @zelda or @sylvermyst in regards to the overall gauntlet guide and @t2k5 in regards to gauntlet trackers, as he does have mods for the game, although I’m unsure if he has any that directly relates to tracking gauntlet information/rewards.


thanks for the advice, and I also want to know that…

what time in a day do you think the gauntlet is easier?


I dont think i understand that question, the guantlet has no particular hour in which it will be easier because well you are facing real people


For new player that don’t have plan to buy a lot of orbs with cash, my suggestion is to play as many gauntlet as possible.

Gauntlet is fair to everyone. No matter if you just enter the game or have fought for dozen seasons. At the beginning you’ll need to read quite a lot (probably learn every single card and their ratings), and confirm those information in your actual game.

But if you keep playing you’ll do well soon. I started playing since November, and I play at least one run of gauntlet each day. Now I can get 12 wins when there’s opportunity (which is, multiple godlike faction cards show up in your deck building and your other on curve cards are not bad).

I used to think there’s a good time and bad time to play gauntlet when my deck building strategy is not consistent. But actually I think there’s only good deck and bad deck. If you watch those gauntlet streamer they usually predict how much wins they can get once the deck is built. And most of the time the estimate is not off by much. So to get better results in gauntlet, definitely work on your deck building process first.

And most importantly, good luck!



  1. currently i can recommend it tracks wins and statistics, but no rewards.
    if you want to include rewards, you’ll have to do it yourself like i did here, feel free to copy that spreadsheat and enter your own rewards. a promising website is, but because of coding restrictions it cannot track your previous gauntlet runs (yet) and you have to enter your rewards manually still. give it a try, it has nice graphs and curves.

  2. you can get both core and shim’zar orbs and cards as rewards at the end of your run, but not bloodborn cards and orbs.

IMO you shouldn’t decide on playing gauntlet or buying orbs directly based on efficiency, but rather if you are having fun playing gauntlet. i’d play even if the rewards weren’t what they are.


The first link should be


Filling up your questions that the others haven’t addressed:

1: I guess this statistics is what you want by saying “performance of gauntlet”:

12 - 0: top 0.02% of all gauntlet runs
12 - 1: top 0.17% of all gauntlet runs
12 - 2: top 0.65% of all gauntlet runs
11 - 3: top 1.12% of all gauntlet runs
10 - 3: top 1.93% of all gauntlet runs
9 - 3: top 3.27% of all gauntlet runs
8 - 3: top 5.47% of all gauntlet runs
7 - 3: top 8.98% of all gauntlet runs
6 - 3: top 14.45% of all gauntlet runs
5 - 3: top 22.66% of all gauntlet runs
4 - 3: top 34.38% of all gauntlet runs
3 - 3: top 50% of all gauntlet runs
2 - 3: top 68.75% of all gauntlet runs
1 - 3: top 87.5% of all gauntlet runs
0 - 3: You probably should just buy orbs

e.g.: you went 8 wins and 3 losses in gauntlet. Amongst all gauntlet runs, the performance run you just did is about top 3.27~5.47% of all gauntlet runs.

Looking at this, it’s actually quite an achievement to score 5-6 wins within 1 gauntlet run.

2: IIRC it rewards 1 orb from both sets, chosen randomly.

From what I remember, going 3-3 in gauntlet gives 1 orb and ~30 gold, plus bonus gold or spirits (same as Hearthstone). Going 5-3 gives 1 orb and ~50 gold plus bonus gold/spirit. In other words, a gauntlet run is worth it only if you could average >5 wins - which takes a lot of experience and luck. If you’re averaging 3-3, then I don’t recommend you doing gauntlet - unless you really enjoy doing it.

Hence I’d suggest buying orbs instead, because 1. since you’re new, you need a place to familiarize yourself with all the cards in this game, and 2. games below Gold division feels gauntlet-ish anyways, as the decks you’d face in those ranks is often a makeshift of one’s not-so-sizable collection.

If your primary goal is to grow a big collection, completing daily quests in ranked games should be sufficient.


wow, you must be a genius player of duelyst.

SO what is the way to learn gauntlet faster?
apart from reading Zeida’s guide , playing more gauntlet games and watch your gauntlet replay, what’s more?


Well, you have already listed the main ways to learn gauntlet faster. The other way that I would highly recommend is to watch players who specialize in gauntlet play on stream (Twitch). Simply watching really good gauntlet players while they play, and listening to their comments on what cards they are picking and why, and what plays they do in the game and why, is a great way to get good advice and insight. If you watch these players for a while, you will get better over time because you will start to do what they do.

My favorite gauntlet streamers are Hsuku (though he does a lot of constructed play as well) and Sylvermyst (he is primarily a gauntlet specialist and has youtube videos also) because they stream at convenient hours for me to watch every once and a while. I never used to play gauntlet before, but after watching them have some very successful runs, I have improved to the point where I have had multiple 12-win sessions. Check the duelyst twitch to see if any of them are on, or view their VODS as well if they don’t stream during your free time.


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