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Hey there. I got into Duelyst last year when I saw it in Kibler’s stream. I played it for a few days but I felt like I just didn’t have the time to pick up another game. It’s been a year now and I just started the game and played a couple of matches. I’m thinking of getting back into it. I’ve got some questions:

  • I noticed that some cards have changed since last time. While I never got around to learning the cards last time I’d still be interested in seeing all the changes that have happened. Is there a list somewhere that contains all the changes?

  • Is it a realistic idea to get all the cards in this game F2P? I don’t really have cash to spend right now or for quite a while. So how good of a collection can I get without spending money right now if I play a few games everyday? The expansion don’t seem very large so I’d imagine it’s somewhat doable.

  • Speaking of expansions I noticed there’s a couple of them too. So does Duelyst have rotation for expansions?

  • Aside from the deckbuilding forums is there a site for popular decks and builds? I like making my own but since this game is pretty different from other card games and I already kind of know what I want to build for I might as well check some decklists so I’m going about it the right way to begin with.

  • Are the boss battles going to be a weekly or montly thing?

  • In my collection I can toggle something called “prismatic”. What is that? There’s also a toggle for “prismatic crafting” but I can’t seem to be able to turn it active.

  • I take it the gauntlet is similar to Arena in HS where you draft a deck. Is that right? How are the rewards there in this game?

  • Speaking of rewards is there a list of all of them somewhere? I got a legendary from playing a match with all classes so I guess there’s some hidden achievements that could be pretty good for a new player like me.

I guess that’s it for now. Thanks for reading through and helping a new guy out.


You can generally get 1 orb (or 5 cards) a day through daily quests. It takes a bit of time without paying, but you can build and craft towards factions you play through disenchanting other cards (be careful about doing this, explained later). The rate at which you get cards is pretty considerable personally.

Plenty of threads here, reddit, discord. Be sure to check out about staple cards!!!

Very new thing. Weekly I believe.

Cards with a bit of shine and sparkle to them. Purely cosmetic, but gives you equal spirit if you disenchant it. If you need further explanation on that, just ask and I or someone else will expand.

Yes. If you win 7 or more straight you get another ticket, so you can go back in indefinitely if you’re good enough. (So it can pay for itself)

See Steam achievements. For sisters, you can check via crafting.

  • You can find all card changes on this site:

  • A full collection is very hard to achieve, even if you spend money, but there are a lot of cards that don’t see play and you can disenchant for spirit. I have never spend money on the game but I have all the cards I want.

  • Currently, no, but that might change in the future.


  • I don’t know.

  • Prismatic cards are purple versions of normal. You get more spirit for disenchanting prismatic cards.

  • I’m not familiar with HS, but Gauntlet worth playing if you can reach 3 wins, and very rewarding if you can reach 7. I would aim to reach Rank 10 before trying Gauntlet.


Welcome back.


Its possible to get every card that you want. Daily quests and first win of the day gold earns around 100g so enough to buy an orb from the core set or Shim’zar, but Bloodborn orbs are 300g however you can’t get extras from them. So after opening 13 orbs from the set unlocks all the cards and you can no longer purchase them. While the game now gives a free common card per day due to a recent update. Ranked ladder also provides a chance to earn cards at the end of the season. Rank 10 (gold) gives a free legendary card for example. While for every division you hit, you gain the reward from it and all the rewards from prior divisions. Although Bronze has no rewards at all. There are also the 7 sister cards which can’t be bought but are unlocked via your collection.

Its a new mode (this week being the first one) but I believe that CP (counterplay) said that the first 2 bosses would last a week each. So there is a good chance that a new boss battles could appear every week, but we don’t know for certain though.

Basically, its the “shiny” version of a card (or equal to HS golden cards). On the board it has like an aura around it. Think that best describes what it looks like in a game. Try going on the crafting menu first then turning it on. But most people don’t bother crafting them as far as I know.


Self thread promotion? Self thread promotion :slight_smile:


Thanks for the answers everyone. I guess I’ll be heading to the deckbuilding forums in the near future then.


I didn’t even realize that this game is in steam store too. I’ve just been using a standalone launcher. So then I can also stream it via steam to my friends with no extra hassles. Nice.


Resurrecting this instead of making a new one. A few new ones.

  1. I can’t find up to date info on rank rewards. The ones I found are from the time monthly cards were introduced. My assumption is that rank 20 is random epic, 10 random legendary, 5 random rare and S-random common and somewhere along there was another random legendary thrown in too. Is that correct now? Is there any difference between rank 20 and rank 11 and do I get rewards for my months highest ranking or the current one?

  2. How in blazes does BBS actually work? For a basic ability this thing sure is boggling my mind. So it activates every 2 turns but at some point it becomes every turn. Whens that? I’m assuming that I can use it on the next turn if I don’t use it on the turn I get it during the “every 2 turns” part. For a basic ability this one sure is made really confucing…

  3. Can I get keys from somewhere in the game? Gauntlet or montly rewards or just popping up as randomly as the crates themselves seem to?

  4. Are there some quick keys for emotes? I watched some stream and the guy seemed to emote without actually having to mouse over to the portrait (and then switch away from the default ones that are just in the way…)

That’s it for now. Thanks again for reading and helping out.

  1. You are correct in your assumptions. S Rank gets an extra legendary, and every tier gets the rewards from the tier below it as well. There are no extra rewards for being a higher rank within your division, ie everyone in gold gets the same amount of gold and silver.

  2. You BBS refreshes every other turn starting on turn 3, until you hit 8/9 mana (for players 1 and 2 respectively). After that it’s every turn.

  3. Your first common crate gives you a free key. Besides that, you can get 2 free common crate keys from following Duelyst on social media here. You can otherwise buy keys or get them in event crates. This December there was a special quest that allowed you to obtain a rare key.

  4. Not that I know of. Haven’t seen or heard of that before.


For the bbs, they reset on set turns. Idk what those set turns are, but if you don’t use your bbs it will be active the next turn. I’m sure the turns are on this forum somewhere.


Third, Fifth and Seventh


Diamond 2, got 1 rare, 1 legendary, 1 epic. 155 spirit and 150 gold. If anyone got to another rank in diamond I’m curious as to what the spirit and gold reward is.


For S it’s 180 gold and… I don’t remember how much spirit. 190?


Same for diamond 4 (I believe I had 150 spirit though but I’m not sure)


I can confirm the same rewards for Diamond 5.


i got 180 gold and 155 spirit… for S rank…


lol I thought it was 155 but I didn’t think it would be same as diamond


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