[Questions] Faction ideas?


Hi guys, I am Vyv. I am working on something big at the moment, I’ve got most of the conceptual lore down for my project (This is duelyst related) . I was wondering, I had a awesome question to ask, to get my brain flowing.

If there was to be a new faction in duelyst, what mechanics would you like to see?
Yes, I'm designing a fan-made creation. It's a faction.

Now theres an overall theme im going for but, I need some idea generation flowing so I thought I’d ask the forums!


A water based deck with a “dive” mechanic. They would go underwater until they attack. While underwater, they cannot be attacked unless the enemy also has dive.

The deck consists of land sharks wielding giant anchors, Pirate Mermaid Girls, and Sea Serpents.


Can you give some of the lore, as a background for a mechanic or card?


Interesting Idea, that’s actually cool. I’ll give a little insight on my faction designing atm.
It’s themed around Chess, like kings and queens, bishops and nights. But Duelysty, like all cool and magical.

But if this them prevails too hard to fit in the aesthetic of Duelyst, im gonna look at something else. I had the idea of a keyword mechanic called [Kamakaze] in which a minion can dash through a certain amount of minions [Kamakaze x 2 = 2 minions , etc.] and damage everything that it dashes through, but be counterattacked by all minions attacked.


Maybe promotion, like moving next to your opponents general or getting a minion to the other side of the board?


I was thinking about chessboards having center board advantage, and maybe if a piece got to the center, it would gain an effect.The Generals wouldn’t be the King or The Queen, infact they would be called the Chessmasters… or something cheesy lorewise; They are from another world.


As long as they are aliens, I’m fine with that! I have a theory that the Story of Duelyst will lead up to the reveal that the trees were sent by some external force and are used to weaken Mythron so that they may conquer it. “The Prophetic Paradox” codex entry and Keliano’s Cipher text seem to imply this.


I know it’s very interesting.


Pirate theme, with one of these unique mechanics:

Bumrush: Minion has additional effect when full health.

Survivor: Activates effect when this minion takes damage and survives.

Elusive: Before moving, the minion disappears. If an enemy unit attempts to enter this minion’s space, counterattack.


I have an idea for a mechanic. Blitz: when you play this minion, you may choose to give it rush. If you do, destroy it at the end of your turn


I like the Elusive idea, but they would have to program the client to not let the opponent see you move that unit.


I saw this really cool post on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/duelyst/comments/4ufetl/new_faction_idea/

It was like a Nature based faction. Class key words are-

Synthesis: At the start of your next turn, transform into another minion(think grow/evolving pokemon)

Bloom: At the end of every turn, trigger your ability

Rooted: Cannot move or attack

Go ahead and read through the post it is written well, and super well thought out. Class cards and everything.


I will indeed have a gander, when I have the time.
I’m stil working through my faction mechanics and themes, and stuff… I’m tryig multple themes, other then the ‘Chess’ theme. But all I know is they are aliens, and come from another world.


Just had an idea. At the end of War of the Worlds(I think) the aliens died because they caught some virus or something that they didn’t have an immune system to fight off. Maybe give them like a 4 Mana 7/7 that loses 2/2 each turn? Probably not a good mechanic to have reoccuring, but I think it would be a cool thing for a card.


That seems, rather stupid. Unless! they get OP stats, and / or a retardedly godly effect.


Indeed they willl be Alien, which means, not from the same world. Theres a quote on my deck build at the end, as a teaser.

It states
"This Globe, isn't too small for us. We'll face them, we'll face them all and take back everything, everything that's rightfully ours."