Question on what is the best thing to do with Gold


Should I spend 100 on a spirit orb, or 150 at a gauntlet ticket?

Let’s say for every Gauntlet run you get around 2 to 3 wins (yeah I suck at this), so you get a random faction card, spirit, gold, and a spirit orb.

Is the rewards reasonable for the 150 or should I stick with spirit orbs?

Just wanted to be sure with what I’m supposed to do.


If you can consistently get 3 wins in Gauntlet and you enjoy playing it, then go for it. It does give you slightly better rewards than just opening orbs.


I use to stick to the orbs because I prefer to play with my own cards.

Just make sure you play the way YOU want.
Love gauntlet?, go for it!!
Don’t like gauntlet?, ignore it!!


You get more rewards for playing Gauntlet. But Gauntlet involves 3-15 non-ranked games, which can take several hours of your time, vs 15 seconds to buy and open a pack. If you’ve got the time and interest to play Gauntlet, it is the better Gold to Value ratio.


In gauntlet, even if go 0 wins, rewards are always orb + something else, and at 3 wins you take around 50 gold, so its pretty much like you were in the beginning. I always preffer gauntlet myself, but it is true that it consumes more time and not everyone likes it.


Yeah it still depends if I can consistently get 3 wins. I always end up with bad cards, or maybe I just suck at it. I’ll play gauntlet if I have coins to burn I guess.


Imo gauntlet is better, and you feel good when it comes to get rewards :smiley: And btw i find 4 wins much more rewarding than 5.


it requieres practice, because cards that dont find place in constructed, sometimes are really valuable in gauntlet. one easy example are golems: since removal is hard to get, a nice body and attack like golems have are really scary.

but it takes time to learn this things, and which cards are worth and which are not :slight_smile:


I’m all about just cracking orbs instead of gauntlet, but I don’t think I’ve ever reached 3 wins in gauntlet, and I’ve had 0 win runs before so based on my own my limited gauntlet experience gauntlet isn’t a good value for my skill level at the format. I feel like maybe if I’d gotten into the format earlier in the games life cycle when the level of play wasn’t so high it might have been a good value, but now I’ll likely never catch up, or if I did I’d have lost so much value getting to that point it’d be years before I’d earn enough in gauntlet to come out back in the black.


I’m pretty bad at guantlet, but I only save up to play it because its just fun playing with a ragtag deck.
If you get 3 wins, u break even in equivalent gold costs


Thanks for sharing your experience guys. Glad the community is active and friendly :slight_smile: It all depends on how familiar you are with cards, so far so good with a Vetruvian deck, Azure Horn + Structures are a good and painful combo. Plus with the one less cost card for structures. Love it!