Question on Reva


I read that Reva is a better general than Kaleos , I’ve been using Kaleos most of the time. Wondering why is Reva better? Is it because of the Heartseeker + AtkUp Spells?


It’s not that Reva is better, it’s that the decks where she’s run are better. Unlike with Kaleos, you can always use her BBS to proc 4WM or whatever and ranged can have lots of value if it lives. Kaleos is usually about midrange, using his BBS with stuff like backstab and Hamons to win the game.


Reva spawns a 1/1 ranged Heartseeker with her BBS. There is no prior condition in order to use her BBS. The spawned Heartseekers are potential threats, as they could be buffed with Saberspine Seal/Killing Edge/Deathstrike Seal and swing the board. Even if you don’t actually have those buffs, free 1-damage pings are always helpful.

On the other side, Kaleos’ BBS requires a friendly minion on board to be used. Even if the BBS could be used, the effectiveness is questionable, as the BBS is too situational. It is sometimes come in handy to extend a minion’s reach to land a perfect backstab, bypass provokes, getting in melee range with desired targets, or just save your valuable units from harm. But in other occasions, you could find your BBS to have little to no impact, as it doesn’t give any stats onto the board. Most Generals’ BBS put stats on board: Argeon gives +2 attack (+2 total stats), Lilithe spawns 2 1/1 units (+4 total stats), Zirix spawns a 2/2 (+4 stats), but Kaleos gives none.

Nevertheless, it depends on your deck to say which BBS suits your gameplan more. A backstab emphasized deck would benefit more from Teleport than spawning a Hearthseeker, while a spell combo deck would find Teleport nearly worthless.


Might try Reva the next time I have the chance in Gauntlet. Personally I enjoy backstab plays with Kaleos, even if I lose it still is fun to do.