Question on contents of Shimzar orbs


I just got a Makantor in a Shimzar orb. But when you isolate only shimzar cards in crafting makantor doesn’t show up. So my question is, can you get non shimzar/bloodborn cards in those orbs? I’m assuming yes… how does the content of orbs breakdown?


Hi, you should not be able to receive core orb cards from Shimzar orbs. Are you absolutely certain that you purchased a Shimzar orb and got the Makantor?


Actually I did realize I also have a recent zyx which is also core set… I must have mistakenly bought a core orb while trying to purchase a shimzar… which is the only orbs I’ve been buying recently. Unless there is a bug that you buy a shimzar orb but get a core… Probably safe to call this one user error. Sorry.


All good :smiley: Going to lock thread now though