Question about the battle pet rawr


In a friendly match earlier today ( team wars had a fun war day due to some cards being bugged) we built decks only using only battle pets,units with battle pet in their text,and spells. While I had a blast with this format, but just wondering if rawr won’t attack if there is no space for a pet to spawn around him. From the picture I’ve included there is a 5/5 rawr that has mark of solitude on it. But the 3/7 is unaffected by dispels. He did not attack for several turns just wondering if this is as intended or if it’s something that was “bugged”


I honestly cannot tell you for sure. Might be intended so it doesnt “waste the spawn” as it were but I think it would work better if it attacked anyway so it might be a bug.


It’s a bug - pets should always attack regardless of their effect.


After like 3 turns of not attacking the Slo pet started running away lol


The Slo pet moved away from an enemy minion?


yea that is super odd. If you dont mind making a bug report here: that’d be appreciated.


I’ve tried to submit tickets in the past @Ryvirath but it it stays on this loading page forever :disappointed:

I’ll post the link of the video I recorded here