Question about Sunstone Templar


Guys have anyone tried Sunstone Templar in the following?

I’m thinking that Sunstone Templar would disable Nimbus obelisk since Im thinking that before the soul burn obelisk ability to kill anyone who attacks the soul burn obelisk it will be dispelled immediately since

Quartermaster Gauj so he can’t receive damage to anything so it means Sunstone can still land a damage? Or Gauj will only be dispelled?

Noob question: If I use a dispel to a minion which has be used with dominate will would it return to my side?


I know nothing about the others, but I can tell you that dispelling WILL NOT get rid of mind control effects. Doesnt work against Zenrui either.


Since it triggers whenever it attacks or counterattacks, the dispel should happen before the damage went in. The reason why it can dispel Tethermancer without getting dispelled itself.