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Hello there everyone,

So, I’ve played all the decks and so far my favorite factions are the Vetruvian and Magmar.
Although I’ve built a decent Magmar deck with Vaath as the hero, I’m still curious about the 2nd hero (Starhorn the Seeker). No, no, I’m not looking for a complete overhaul deck as that’ll probably too long to describe. What I’m looking for are any possible combos that can be done with Starhorn as the hero. Any opinions about this?


Hmmm… thinking about Decimus…
Before the last expansion Starhorn was not good. The expansion brought strong card draw cards so (especially) in conjunction with Decimus hyper-aggressive and fast decks can now be build with him.
It’s common sense that Decimus will most probably be nerfed in the mid-month-patch. And it’s my believe that Starhorn will be hit hard by that and Vaath-decks will then be better then Starhorn in general - as before.


Decimus. That is all.

about decimus

Decimus is a 4 mana 4/4 that deals 2 damage to the enemy general anytime they draw a card. Crazy combos can be pulled in conjunction with entropic gaze and tectonic rage to deal crazy burst and mill the opponent.

Alternatively, there is a 3 mana legendary (core set) and a 5 mana epic (shimzar set) that gain stats when cards are drawn, which can provide large threats.


As you might have noticed, Starhorn’s BBS works as follows: pay 1 mana and both players draw a card.

Typical Starhorn decks are built to abuse the BBS in two ways:

  • ensure continuous card draw to support very aggressive strategies
  • use cards which provide value when the opponent draws a card

In the current meta, the most popular Starhorn deck works by comboing Decimus (deal 2 damages to the opponent general for each card he draws) with cards which force the opponent to draw (most notabtly, Tectonic Spikes). Far less common, but still occasionally around, is a sort of zoo deck with many low-cost minions, since Starhorn’s BBS allows him to always have cards to play.

I’d recommend ignoring Starhorn for now, you will definitely find some on ladder though :slight_smile:


Made my day! :joy:


Yeah, I suspect he will find a couple of Starhorns going around :smiley:


Thank you for all the answers!
I think got the picture of it now, I’ll try experimenting on it. Maybe not for seasoned games, but it might be fun to use on my friends hahaha.


I’m not shure if you misunderstood:
Starhorn isn’t a meme deck at the moment but highly competitive! If you search the forum you’ll find a couple of (very) good decks.


I know, but from what I see, it requires an unique and somewhat risky gameplay. Therefore I think it will be wise to experiment with it first to get the exact strategy working. I meant no underestimation to Starhorn, he’s like a wild bull waiting to be tamed I guess.


Uhh… no dude, you’re totally off. Unique, maybe. Risky, hardly. Theres a reason it’s a tier 1 deck at the moment.


It’s an expensive deck to make though. To make the most of card draw you might want Vindicator (legendary), Decimus (legendary), Visionair (Epic), Tectonic Spikes (Bloodborn), etc.

It seems to be one of the strongest decks right now. In my experience it has been a consistent deck, it is a combo deck but it is easy to get powerful minions out, and if you make the deck right you’ll also have plenty of normal minions and removal to keep you going. Since it draws a lot you can play more cards, though I haven’t had a problem with just overloading my hand.


Agreed, collecting the decent components require time. So far, I only got 1 Decimus by chance. I’m saving up spirits right now. :smile:


You definitely don’t need Visionar, its way too slow, and Vindicator is also optional.


I feel playing Starhorn is -really- risky. What if they don’t nerf Decimus but Tectonic? Or draw mechanics as a whole - like it only counts when the card actually ends in your hand? Than you’ll end up with 3 decimi you can’t disenchant for the full price.

Naw it’s too risky. I rather craft Regalias. Noone ever touches Lionar. xD


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