Question about ranking system


So with the end of the season coming, rankings will be reset, correct? But there’s still a big difference in quality between a Diamond/S rank reset to silver and a “real” silver who has just come up from bronze. Does the matching system distinguish between the two? Or is it just free for all at the beginning of the month?


I play to S every single month but I intentionally wait until AT LEAST 10 days into the month, often more, to begin my run since having to play against other S players in Silver and Gold is stupid and it needlessly makes things harder than they need to be.

No, it does not differentiate between just worked my way out of Bronze Silver and started here because I was in S Silver, so it can be quite ugly…


at the beginning of the month its a free for all. I usually wait for a week or so before seriously trying to climb. i remember there was even a “race to S” event among the people who were really confident.


Doesn’t S Rank (and maybe diamond) start the season higher up in the silver ranks? I don’t know how the match making works but always assumed it starts by looking for people at your current rank then expands outwards (both above and below your rank) until you find someone to play against. Which is why you sometimes play people in the division above yourself once you get close enough to the top of the division.

So I’ve assumed people who start the season higher up in Silver will run into more people who reached S-rank or diamond (from last season) but will run into people who didn’t finish the season as high when there isn’t another person from around their own rank to play against. Since there are probably more lower ranked players than high ranking ones, which is why you get a more variation in the matchmaking at the start of the season.


Since most players from Silver through S-Rank start somewhere in Silver (unless players were in lower Silver), you can find yourself facing off against players with widely-varying skill levels at the beginning of the season.
The ladder tends to stabilize between one and two weeks into the season, so by then, you should know what to expect during your climb. On the other hand, if you’re a Silver player, and you want a chance to face off against S-Rank players, the start of the season is your chance.


Yes, I start each season at Rank 11, just steps from Gold.


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