Question about random Shadow Creep placement


Does anyone know whether the random shadow creep placement by Klaxon on death and more importantly by Abyssal Crawler can in fact overlap your own other shadow creep, while there are still spots where they wouldn’t overlap?

I currently always move my Abyssal Crawler to minimize the chance of that happening, but I do not know if that’s necessary, and I’d like to know.


they can overlap, but if you make your crawler stand on top of creep, it wont overlap with what its on top of.


Thank you, so basically the crawler never puts shadow creep underneath itself? Good to know :slight_smile:


Ooz can overlap shadow creep, too. He can also spawn shadow creep where an enemy minion he kills is.


Not exactly, actually, he spawns a shadow creep upon receiving damage, under any minion or General.
Hence, if you use your Cassy BBS on your own Ooz, you will generate a shadow creep under an enemy.

Sometime, when you know your Ooz is about to die on next turn, it doesn’t hurt to generate an extra shadow creep :wink:


The crawler thing happens specifically because when a card says, “nearby,” it’s only referring to the 8 spaces adjacent to it. It’s almost never important, but there is a relevant fringe case where a lightbender doesn’t dispel a shadow creep tile that it is played on top of.


Good info here, thanks :slight_smile: