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Question about nether summoning


Suppose you play 1 bonecrusher, and let it die. Then you play nether summoning.

Only 1 bonecrusher gets summoned.

Is this normal? Shouldn’t 2 bonecrushers get summoned instead?


No, the card summons back up to 2 minions. If only one minion dies then only 1 is brought back. The minions must die on the opponents last turn or your current turn for them to have a chance to be brought back.


But the new Bonecrusher should have 5 more attack than the old one.


Suppose only 1 bonecrusher died the whole game.
If you equip 2 releasers and break them, you can summon 2 bonecrushers.

In other words, the “summon a random non-token minion destroyed” mechanic summons a copy of the dead minion, and doesn’t remove it from the graveyard.

In that case, I expected nether summoning to summon 2 copies of a dead minion. There’s nothing in its description saying that the minion death and re-summon needs to be 1 to 1.


Summon 2 non-token minions destroyed since the end of your last turn nearby - Nether Summoning.

If the minion wasn’t destroyed between the end of your last turn and when you play Nether Summoning, its not included in pool of cards that could be brought back. If 0 minions are killed, 0 are brought back. If only 1 is killed, only 1 is brought back. If only 2 are killed and both are brought back. If more than 2 are killed then its a random choice between the minions that were killed.

Sounds like only 1 Bonecrusher was killed between the end of your last turn and when you used Neither Summoning. Which means the only card in the pool of cards it can choose from is the 1 Bonecrusher.


But only one minion died that turn.

The card says so quite explicity: summon two things that died the last turn, not “summon things that died last turn twice”.


If you cast 2 nether summonings you would have 2 bonecrushers in that situation as well.


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