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Question about Mystery Crates (yeah yeah, it never ends)


I actually do not have a complaint about the crate system in this post. My question is one of curiosity: Has anyone received a crate at any of the rarity levels after that level was maxed out at 5? If so, what happened? I’ve been sitting on 15 crates now for the entire month and was wondering if the system knows that and doesn’t reward any more crates after reaching 5 per level.


Yeah, my guess is you simply won’t be rewarded any more crates. I’ve been stuck at 15 crates for a while, too, and nothing has happened. Here’s to hoping the devs implement that free keys system soon!


I have 5 of all crates so i don’t receive any crate. if you have max of any rarity you don’t receive crate of that rarity. I think it can be cheated to intentionally max other rarities to get your likely one( Epic or Leg ).
P.S. I still waiting for F2P system to open them :slight_smile:


So it seems. I was just curious because I don’t really play many games during the month (less than 200) and wondered if you could get over max crates and they would be discarded. @ramsaybolton: Hopefully we get ways to earn free keys sooner rather than later and it’s not some bs system. Or, make them purchasable with gold or spirit, even if they would be super high priced you could still avoid spending real money. I don’t know what the answer is because it is obvious they want you to spend money so they can offset their costs of being f2p. I can’t really blame them for that, and the current system was designed specifically to net revenue so I understand the unwillingness to change it.


Isn’t it implied how you can’t get more than five of each crate? I mean, when one sees “0/5” they usually assume it can’t go higher than “5/5” and in every scenario that seems to be the case unless specified otherwise.
Why would you assume that’s not the case, it seems pretty clear to me :hamster:


Cute hamster. I know you can’t “have” more than five crates, I was just curious if the system even tried to award more than the limit anyway, like a bug or something. Thanks for taking the time to comment on my inane thread! :balloon: I like asking useless questions and wasting everyone’s time…

…so, mission accomplished, I guess. :wink:


Now that the question has been answered locking thread.

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