Question about Death Knell and Nightshroud


I remember trying this out when they became available and I was a tad disappointed that a brought back Nightshroud with Death Knell wouldn’t trigger for the arcanysts that were brought back as well, and only for any on the board when Death Knell was summoned, but on the other hand it seemed fair.

Now I just lost to a guy bringing back Nightshroud with Death Knell (his second), and that immediately did 8 damage to me.

My question is: What are the rules? How does it work?



death knell summons the arcanysts in a random order, so somtimes you get the heal, sometimes you dont, which is why nightshroud is not played outside of meme decks


The rules are that there are no rules, it’s all a bit random, just play Death Knell and pray. If it triggers in the right order, Nightshroud will go last and proc for all the others. If your luck is naff, it will go first and not do much.


A lot of people say that they are summoned in a ‘random order’ (of course I haven’t tried Death Knell enough times to say so), but I think that there may be a bit of ordering to it, where Death Knell summons it in order of which ones were summoned or died first/last.

In your match (where your opponent dealt 8 damage with Nightshroud), do you know:

  • How many arcanysts he played in total during the game (excluding Illusion tokens)
  • When he played Nightshroud (in relation to the number of arcanysts he had played before summoning Nightshroud)
  • The order of their deaths during the game (again, excluding Illusion tokens)

Edit: I just have a few more questions to ask

  • How many arcanysts were on board when Death Knell resummoned the Nightshroud that dealt 8 damage?
  • How many arcanysts did Death Knell summon when it summoned the Nightshroud that dealt 8 damage?
  • Did it summon a single Nightshroud, or did it summon multiple? If multiple, how much damage did they deal individually, and what were the order of their deaths throughout the game in relation to other arcanysts (excluding illusion tokens)?

Alternatively, if you want, you can send me a friend request (IGN: Akurane) and I can look at the game for you :slight_smile:.
If my theory is correct, than Nightshroud will either summon the arcanysts in order of their summon or their death.


Nope it’s entirely random, you cannot know when an Arcanyst will be summoned, that’s why Nightshroud is bad.


You are welcome to your opinions but it really is completely random tho :stuck_out_tongue: I’m afraid


So much for conspiracy theories I guess :sweat_smile:


I’ve played over 100 games with Nightshroud Arcanyst Lilithe, and it’s not that bad. Climbed to S the first season of AB with it.

The thing is kinda like Vetruvian Obelysks. When you get sick spawns (and draws), it feels pretty op. But when you don’t it’s rough. Law of averages. Personally I think even without Nightshroud spawning last, odds are you’re getting a pretty great board with Knell, and even a 1 hp swing isn’t that bad.


i did quite a bit of climbing with Nightshroud last season and was quite impressed by it. The deck is lacking early on but can easily swing the game around on turn 8. Early on I was getting smashed by Midrange magmars who destroyed my owls and stopped any attempt at getting a Owl+ Illusionist board. But on turn 8 I play Death Knell and summon maybe 7 Arcanysts, generate cheap spells off of Nightwing, and heal off of Nightshroud. That deck is capable of turning games around really fast.


I did testing on it in the sandbox and it was random.

What I don’t like about Death Knell is that it is so difficult to understand what happens sometimes. Suddenly there are a lot of arcanysts and you are dead or not dead. You don’t know how the spawn order was only that you lost whatever amount of hps.


Thanks everyone, that fully answered it all :slight_smile:


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