QuarterMaster theory crafting


Scion’s First Wish x3 Cosmic Flesh x3 Pyromancer x3 Ephemeral Shroud x3 Pax x3 Wood-Wen x3 Saberspine Tiger x3 Inner Oasis x3 Golden Mantela x3 Lady Locke x3 Purgatos, The Realmkeeper x3 Nimbus x3 QuarterMaster x3
I saw the new quarter masters very powerful effect and got rather excited. He may not be the most competive in this meta, but I think he is much better then people give him credit for. Yea he is not auto include in any deck, but if you build around him he could be very strong.
QuarterMaster, Purgatos, or Nimbus + Cosmic flesh, wood-wen, ladylocke, or inner oasis leads to a really cool board state. All of those are also exceptionaly good with the decks swarm like early game.
Hoping the cycles of First Wish, Oasis, and the decks medium curve keeps it from running out of cards, if it does not, finding a spot for astral flood would probably take care of it.
No Armanya or dominate will? I know almost a crime, but the deck has loaaaddds of provoke already, adding another 6 or 7 cost would muddle up the game plan, and Purgatos+cosmic flesh can often just be better then her with how the deck is in theory supposed play out.
This deck is based on one of my decks that I fondly call Golden Army, since Vetruvian loves its mechanical gaurdians, and in this case they are quite the army that becomes very hard to kill. I will either post my original Golden Army deck later as part of my ongoing series, or I may edit it in here a little later.

Dropped Dunecaster for Pyromancer, Rashas for tiger, and Obelysk for Golden Mantela.


Hmm interesting concept, but don’t you think sth. like Mystic or a 2-drop that baits dispell like pyromancer would be better over Dunecaster? I mean dunecaster is amazing in tempo and aggro decks, but your gameplan is a lockdown with minions that you buff with provoke, which by nature is very damn weak to lightbender. Sure dunecaster also draws out dispells to some extent, but i feel like another 2-drop would be better, maybe even shiro puppydragon. I honestly would also consider running Owlbeasts, since they are one of the best bufftargets.


Dune its self sort of baits dispels, and is just to good to take out. It’s synergy with Rakshas, Obylisk, and zirix Bbs just make it an auto.

Pax, Obelysk, and any time I throw down a buff also baits dispel.

Shiro Puppy could be good, If included I would defently fit in astral, at the moment the deck is not dedicated swarm but it could be.

I thought about pyro but most of the buffs are defensive and are of much better benefit to front liners.

The deck already gives a lot of health buffs, and does not have other arcanyst so I don’t think owl would really fit.


Heh ended up cutting most of my defense for keeping dune, but I think Zirix alone still makes him worth it. But he might get cut for a pyromancer at this point.