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Quartermaster Guaj Rework


Got a new idea for Quatermaster. He is my favorite art in the game but the 2 body is gross… is this new concept to strong? The wording at the end is bad but I didn’t want it to run off the card. Damage dealt to Quatermaster will be reduced by 2.


I don’t know, i feel like Gauj is one of those cards that can really get out of control against a faction like Magmar with how it currently is. However, I think an interesting concept would be designing Quartermasters for every factions (similar to grandmasters), with your effect matching a Lyonar Quartermaster design.


flash reincarnation + gauj + plasma storm / nat select

would be completely broken

since flash deals 2 damage, but gauj would reduce that by 2 then everything your opponent has would be unable to touch it. you cant even ping it to death anymore with spells


Reduce damage taken by enemy minions,general and spells by 2?


Quatermaster already avoids flash’s damage and works with plasma storm/natural selection. Imo Quatermaster is weak because he is to easy to kill. Ping, dispel, kill cards. The idea of the rework was to weaken his originally ability a little bit so he can’t get pinged so easily… almost anything kills his 2 body (lava lance, maw, acolyte, etc…) I might have gone over board with his opening gambit though… But you bring up a good point. It could be to hard to deal with him since it would be good against pings


i mention plasma and nat select because you can forcibly lower a minions attack turning a phalanxar or a paddo or a 50 attack DFC minion down to 2 attack so plasma or nat select. maw actually cant hit current gauj since its a minion and your buff would actually keep that immunity


True, good points! It’s probably to strong of an opening gambit. Do you think making it harder to kill with low damage spells is a good idea or to strong?


my question is

what’s a quartermaster


“a naval petty officer with particular responsibility for steering and signals.” - Google


May as well get the whole thing up there. I recognized it for the former definition.

a military officer responsible for providing quarters, rations, clothing, and other supplies.
a naval petty officer with particular responsibility for steering and signals.


There’s no point. He is clearly neither a military officer providing quarters nor a naval petty officer. He is just Genji with a cloak.


Flash Reincarnation no longer counts as general damage. Gauj dies when used with Flash Reincarnation.

I don’t think this rework is necessary, he’s a niche card as is and that’s fine. It would be cool though


Btw quartermaster is one of the most important people in any army. If he is smart enough also one of the richest.


The point is quatermasters should not be very good at combat. More like utility cards.


Interesting. I always assumed a quartermaster would be someone specialized in hand-to-hand combat, hence close-quarters.


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