Quality of life changes


So, I see a lot of people complaining about nerfing cards, but not making small minor buffs to make certain cards synergise better with other cards, like reaper of the 9moons and unseven not working with consuming rebirth; obvious fix would be to make them summon their dying wish effect nearby like grimes (this could also be fixed by making the resummon random, but that’s makes the card worse in a lot of cases). Another thing is things like dervishes and (as I’ve heard) illusions and spellsparks can “overlap” spawns. Can’t think of much else right now, just wanted to spark some discussion, I’ll add anything I think of or is commented.


I once had my Rot9b ability overlapped by enemy wraithling spawn (crashed with vorpal reaver), lost the game because of that.



You don’t buff cards for balance.
You just nerf everything so that only the current thing that is powerful works.



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