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QOL improvement


A friend of mine, old fan of the now dead duel of champion, had some concern about how you evolve slowly in duelyst in deck making and how it is hard to earn quickly new boosters when you don’t have luck and lose too many games.

thinking of a way to make him come back to duelyst i thought about a few things that would definitively speed up the creations of the decks you want to play without changing much the overall progression.
here are what i thought:
■ give some gold to people who lose matches.
for exemple you would earn 15 gold after a loss or after 2 consecutive loss.
■ allow us to choose which faction we want (including the neutral faction) when oppening boosters.
(or make sure that at least 2 or 3 cards are from the faction you have selected upon oppening that booster)


The game is already super generous.

Do your weekly boss battles for 100 spirit and 2 orbs.

Watch Twitch drops for possible 1-3 orbs every 48h.

Also these 5 free orb codes from Steelseries.

If that doesn’t lure him back in, nothing will.

I don’t like the idea of giving gold for losing because you can abuse that.


it can be tiring to not get the cards he wants for his faction and always get cards for faction he dislike.
he is also not that good and since he lacks good cards he often lose thus earning less money.
for a comparison you could buy whole decks in duel of champions for one faction and boosters had at least one card from each faction. So you kinda knew what you were buying so you could focus on one particular gameplay you like instead of having to pray for luck each time you open a booster.

a game shouldn’t force you to play what you don’t like because you didn’t had luck. if that happens you may just stop playing the game and that’s what he did.


well, there’s a lot of orbs to help you get started:
refer-a-friend system
razer free orbs
twitch drops

if that doesn’t work out:

we’d be more than happy to help you guys make your budget decks.

you do know it’s 15 gold per 3 wins right? XD idk if i want opponents throwing for gold. but hey, you can vouch for me to tip the dude.

winrate in bronze/ low silver has always been 50% anyways, so don’t feel too bad about losing.


Well this could be something but I don’t think it is necessary and I am not sure it is what the devs really want. They want you to explore more factions, not to focus on one because that has a higher chance of getting boring.


Valid point in my opinion. I didn’t understand a lot and didn’t have strong preferences when I started, but I can understand the frustration of having to re-roll the faction quest frequently if one is strongly opinionated.


wasn’t it 35 gold per 3 wins? ^^. well anyway, if someone lose alot, we will progress either too slowly or will get frustrated. at least giving him some reward to permit him to still have some kind of progression aside of daily quest isn’t a bad idea.


idk if the 15/35g is a misunderstanding or the noob accounts have a gold boost that i forgot about(probably the latter)

you literally get 80 gold a day with quests on straight loses +15 on your first win tho. that’s almost 1 booster a day with 12.5% winrate my dude. even if you skip the faction quests, it’s 75 gold. idk man :confused: that’s still 3/4 a booster or half a gauntlet ticket. is that still too little? if it is, you should just buy your friend some orbs. they’re half-off rn


It was never 35g for 3 wins.


the problem stay the same. oppening 6-7 orbs per week to earn again cards for other factions you don’t like can lead to frustration.
you play for fun too. if the game doesn’t give you the opportunity to evolve in the way you want just because you didn’t had much luck then its a no.


This game is way, way, way WAAAAY more generous than most, if not all, other similar games. I can understand that new players want the best cards asap, but it’s just how this kind of games work. They can’t deliver it all to you in 1 day. Besides i’m pretty sure that with all the extra-quests things you can do, you can do a non budget S-rank viable deck in 1 month.


Takes not even a week for that if you know what you are doing (there are a lot of resources out there for that).

Not the decks hinder most people to climb but their skills. Duelyst is not an easy game, needs some learning but the mistakes are often not that obvious.


you all seems to miss the point here. my friend doesn’t like the other ccg for similar reasons. comparing this ccg to others isn’t the right thing to do when other ccg seems to just copy paste hearthstone’s model which isn’t neccessarly a good thing.
having to play for one month to be able to make a somehow good deck is too long when that said good deck will depend on what faction card you got.

i am not saying that we should earn more card but that we should choose which faction to focus on when opening booster. that way you can focus on what you want to play AND you ll end up getting a good deck quicker with the playstyle you are looking for.
i think it is a win win situation.the game will also feel less grindy without being less grindy :slight_smile:


As always, the point that devs also want to have at least some profit is nowhere to be found.


You can build a budget deck of the faction you want from which is good enough to bring you everywhere you need to go depending on the skills in less than a week.

Like @alplod said the game has to be designed in a way that it keeps its players interested and not too quickly satisfied while making money too.


It used to be 15 gold for 2 wins, but only for the first 10(?) wins per day during beta. After the 12th win, it reverted to 5 gold for 2 wins. This was changed to a steady rate of 15 gold for 3 wins some time in 2016


Okay i have an idea that may please everyone.
instead of everything that has been said, add another option when choosing a booster to buy.
the option to buy a booster per faction instead of per expansion.
so for example if i choose vetruvian i would get only vetruvian cards but from any expansion. so there will still be a big randomization when getting cards but at least for the faction we want to upgrade.


great idea let’s make it purchasable by diamonds only so f2p can’t abuse it, buyers get more bang for their buck, and game gains another fair but extra profitable source of income


Multi-expansion faction booster is decent idea but some problems.

What happens to neutrals?

Every expansion has some differences in the ratio of rarity of cards. So when you have a new expansion the ratio of the booster changes. You can try adjusting prices to reflect changes but it can complicate stuff.


Still, I’d say it should at least cost more. I believe, twice as much, since this way you are far more likely to get a card you want.