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Q-bloodrage-damage meme deck

Here a new meme deck I’ve made. Its a combo between two ideas (not mine): kajuta+dance of dreams+a bunch of 1-drops with 1hp, and Q removes everything but bloodrage combo. Here’s the deck:

Turn 1: Play kajuta.
Turn 2: play dance of dreams and half of your deck (1-drops with 1hp). Try to hit mana tilles to gain more mana. If your lucky you might play Q or blood rage on kajuta.

Here’s me playing against a friend (don’t judge him, he is completely new to the game):
I highly recommend to watch my first two turns of this replay.


But why is Q’ in that deck? After playing Q’ you have no mana for Blood Rage anymore.


So why do you need Q? :thinking:

If you have your Kujata and Dance of Dreams running you should just play Blood Rage.

Playing Q during Dance just stops the flow.
If you play Q before Dance then you have no minions for Blood Rage.
You shouldn’t play Q after Dance + Blood Rage since you should have won.

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I got a notification that you had linked this post to one of mine? But now that I am looking I see no indication of such, but anyways while I am here I may as well say my part. I have done quite a bit of experimenting with both Q and Dance of Dreams, although I do not think mixing the two of them is really the way to go. Also Fang or Mandrake tend to be better then bloodrage due to not requring you to stick a minion first.

Here is my old Q list that I made during rotations, but never got around to revisiting:

Q Spikes: Gimmicky/Competitive


Ultra consistent deck with stupid amounts of draw, tiny chance of mechazor or Arkaki OTK, complete with some healing for stall.

Goal with almost perfect consistency being Q on 6, deci/spikes on seven, and then Heart/Deci/Spikes on eight. Even if you have one health and no cards left in deck despite taking damage up to four times during the combo it must resolve before heart breaks, meaning you survive with one health once it finishes.

Consistent back to back decimus with no risk off dying to your own deci/spikes is a scary principle, but in practice 8 mana is awful slow for such a combo, even though you pretty much guarantee getting game with it it just remains a gimmick because Q kind of makes the rest of your deck pretty weak for such a late game plan.

And here is my dance of dreams stuff:


Would be awesome if you upload more of your decks to Duelspot :slight_smile:

I also really like the mechs in your Q’ list :smiley:

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So much work though :sob:, between my duelyst morale being broken and my schedule I am just not up to it right now.


Sad to hear that! Hope you come back soon :slight_smile:


No love for a Rawr-based rage deck?

The sheer swarm from Rawr creates a lot of attacks, making a simple kujata cause lethal. This deck is definitely not refined, but its the one I run, relying on kujata to create crazy discounts on decimus/Rawr to deal massive damage, followed by running away and healing before casting Stampede to clear face.

Requires god positioning, and a lot of skill (for a magmar deck).


Might as well throw a link to my old Q Mechhorn version here too: Miguel's Miscellaneous Memes

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Oh man, I have not played with Rawr since thunderhorn came out, but with both Rev and Horn nerfed this has some serious potential!

Here is a quick rough draft attempt at optimizing the deck:


Skorn/Fang can be ditched for Deci/Spikes if prefered, and at that point I would drop replicant for Herald, but its nice to step away from Deci/Spikes once in awhile plus it has more synergy with out it.

Its basically my Dentist deck just dropped the good old golem package to make room:


ive been topped

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I see now that this deck needs a heavy rework or to be completely abondoned. But I am grateful for all you awesome replies and dope decklists! They look really fun, can’t wait to try them out :smiley:


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