Puzzle Time! Can you win in one turn?


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Looking back at it, this isn’t actually hard. I suppose I just wanted to share how epic the end of this match was.

Since the names can’t be viewed in the screenshot, the cards in hand are:
Saberspine Tiger / Tectonic Spikes / Thumping Wave / Egg Morph / Entropic Gaze


use visionar to kill the fiend behind your general, move your general up and to the left. use tectonic spikes and the other new spell and swing with visionar. optionally, you can add thumping wave and sunglasses emote for additional salt


Read the whole post bro


sorry, i’ll edit it


Good on ya! Funny enough, they gave me the Argeon glee emote at the start of my turn. I responded with a smooch as I delivered the game winning blow.

Thanks for the edit, and good job being the first correct reply!


[spoiler]all you need to do is move the general to lower left, thumping tiger face, use the 2 mana spell, then smack face with vindicator… never mind i didnt see the nightwatcher

you could use both of the new spells to buff up the vindicator and smash face after moving the general[/spoiler]


Yep, you are correct! This is actually what I had done, as opposed to attacking the minion behind my general like deekester had suggested. I must admit that it was rather interesting that this is the first time I’d ran into a Nightwatcher. Good thing it wasn’t the deciding factor!


So, basically, the solution to this puzzle is to just play Magmar.



yep. it doesn’t matter what your board state is. magmar can always find a way to kill you out of hand


That sir is songhai… With magmar to u gotta kill ALL THEIR MINIONS you love one you might as well end ur turn with the concede button.

But srsly a kaloes killed me with 21 hp with 3 hp left surrounded no minions out… And I don’t know how because like a dumb bond villain I was watching a youtube video basking in my victory


magmar has almost as much out of hand burst as songhai now though


This is what all those daily challenges were training us for


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