Putting some range in Argeon


Hey. Regarding my credentials, I have started recently (end of August), and have reached Diamond in September and October.
I have tried to make ranged work with Lyonar, because they have some good synergy there (Divine Bond and Roar mostly).

I tried to fit more ranged minions, but I was unconvinced, as it did not put enough pressure early on, and the low cost ranged minions were easy to remove. So the list evolved to only have 2 ranged ones. I could try to add more, but very few meet the Lyonar prerequisite (high health mostly).
Maybe Arrow Whistler(but the bonus would not be very significant, as we don’t want to have too many units) or Syvrel could work. Syvrel is rather synergetic with the Lyonar way of killing stuff with swords after all.
So I ended up chosing Lux Ignis because his power also helps the turn he comes into play.

Blistering Skorn is mostly there to help against Chrysalis Burst and Lilithe (even though I seldom run into her).
Aegis Barrier is awesome in some matchups, and really helps protect bigger threats.
Azure Bond Shaman is not a very good starting card (people usually just ignore it first, and mow your other minions while the shaman stares helplessly, trying to commit seppuku in time), but it can buy you some space as the opponent might be reluctant to let you kill it, and it is awesome against battle pets and Nimbus obelysks.
Once there is enough stuff with 4 dmg on board, it becomes pretty easy to use it.
The Templars are mostly there to take care of Pax and they also buy some breathing space for you to deploy your Lux. They also are nice against the Songhai Panda.
Many people despise maidens, but they are awesome afterblaze targets, and are also good candidates for Aegis Shield.they are vulnerable to dispel, but not as much as the stunsteel defenders and they don’t die as easily to Skorn.
Regarding Sojourner, I always find it bad to give Songhai cards with SpellJammer, and with some buffing, he can perform well and generate more card advantage than SJ. I have tried Lionheart blessing, which somewhat comboes with Afterblaze, but that made too many spells and not enough bodies, and it requires your general to babysit the unit (which is not a problem if it is a Maiden or an adept).

The results have been OKish so far, but I struggle against Songhai, which I meet a lot in diamond. What could I do to improve my chances against them (short of removing the remaining ranged units!)?


I was actually running a list somewhat similar to yours, but more a lategame/control focus. The gameplan is ranged units in the back, you and your beefy units hold the front line and protec them. http://i.imgur.com/6Olh0v4.png I tried and tried so much to get it to work, but it just couldn’t get me past rank 6.

I think Sunstone Templar is awful. If you want something to deal with pax, just go for an Ephemeral Shroud. The nerf doesn’t matter as pax only has 1 HP, and you can also use it in other matchups as well.

Arrow Whistler is definitely better than Lux Ignis. Lux does’t really make sense as a card, as you want ranged units to be far away, but you will need it on the front lines to heal your own units.

Sworn Avenger is soso, I just put him in because he is cool. Against some matchups he is completely useless, but if they can’t silence or remove him he can start some serious damage.


I have been pretty happy with the templars, as they require removal if the opponent is to play something like a strong effect. That said, Vale hunter might support the idea better, and would work great with Arrow whistler in place of Lux and roared Vale Hunter has the same stats as a Ki Beholder, so it should not be that bad.
The healing of Lux is not that bad, though, and with provokes, she can stay close to the frontline (I need the ranged units near the general for Roar anyway, and he is usually close to the frontline to shield them), but getting Arrow Whistler earlier, and buffing whatever Vale hunters are left might work just fine.
I don’t like the avenger dying to a tiger. Vale Hunter does too, but it is a 2 drop at least.