Public Request of CP for Unlimited Power


Since CP will never read this, I have to make it public so I don’t completely waste my time.

Dear CP,

I have recently noticed that the Duelyst Twitter page is dead. It had no updates on boss battles or even an advertisement for the 3 free summer orbs. That is a good way to lose money (and followers), friends at CP. Now, we all know that I am the Chief of Communication for these forums, so why not extend my jurisdiction to Twitter as well? I will run the Twitter just as it was in its heyday mostly and save Duelyst from death (or what looks like death) at the same time. Would I do this absolutely for free, you ask? Absolutely not! I am not that much of a madman or am I? However, my price is a small one: one card design for every future Duelyst expansion. Since there will be no more Duelyst expansions after Duelyst: Battle Royale releases, this is a wonderful steal for you guys at CP. So, just hand the password over and watch as your world burns Duelyst resurrects before your very eyes!

Sincerely ?,

You in the audience, I can read your minds. You think I’ve lost my marbles, don’t you? Well, let me ask you this: I never owned any marbles, so I could I lose them? HEHEHEHEHE!!!


I think you have lost more than just marbles…Self concience and control might have gone away, not to mention a few loose screws


You must admit that my point is a fair one. All I spoke was truth.


You know, I was starting to think you were making sense, but then I realized that I don’t feel anything from your post so no sense there.

:man_shrugging: :lemon: :drooling_face:


Please decrypt this for me.


Stay back senseless fiend! I cannot and will not feel anything from you today!


Oh, but you already did! MUHAHAHAHA!!!


Duelyst twitter will probably come back with the new community manager.


This brained my hurt.


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