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PTSD deck nostalgia


Finality vaath and October Reva are by far the two most oppressive deck ever. I really hope we will never see something like that again


I’d say aggro vet now is as good as October Reva


Remind what was October Reva please?

Laser cats was crazy.
Old Kara cats was boring.

Didn’t like playing against old Lantern Fox either. Two Foxes with celerity. Good luck playing around it with Jux and MDS if you don’t remove both Foxes.


Aggro Reva with cantripping manavortex and 0 mana inner focus.


Found an old archive of cards. Here are some triggering thoughts :sweat:



I miss the old card symbols.

Also, obligatory Star’s Fury + Third Wish reference


God that all looks so broken I can’t even figure out which faction was the most broken back then :sweat:


Vetruvian ruled with an iron fist.


Rip Sunstone Templar


When everything is OP - nothing is OP.


There was Vanar stuff, but nothing “scary”
Magmar stuff has been Magmar stuff (modestly scary, but nothing outlandish)
Definitely in the air with Vet/Abyss/Songhai though.


Anyone remember when you could give Mechazor Rush in Magmar


Hell yea, found it, the OG Minijax Hunter

(Anyone have the Starhorn Mech meme?)



Holy crap, that were insane!


Keep in mind that Duelyst has gone through many, many iterations. Alpha played completely different from Beta.

IIRC, Alpha refilled your hand at the end of turn and there was no counter attacks unless you had the Strikeback Keyword


We’ve come a really long way


Strikeback = Counterattack? :thinking:


Yes, counterattacking was a keyword.

And backstab was another kettle of fish.


Yeah,units couldn’t counter attack unless they had a keyword. Made fighting for board as the losing player very difficult without the use of removal spells.


Seems every battle is like a nightmare back then.


Playing as vet before we had a way to get past wraithwalls