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PTSD deck nostalgia


Hey guys, me again. I thought it would be a nice depart from salt on the meta in standard right now If we all threw out our most painful PTSD of past decks and cards, and had some fun nostalgia on what was a pain in the cass and what we are happy is not here anymore.
What was the most insane deck or standalone card/bbs?


Old creep, shudders



I feel like because of how much faster the game is rn old kara wouldnt be as bad now as it was back then


Mentor and Cryptographer’s existence is enough for me for to disagree. Not to mention Circulous.


Reverse Ramp



October 2016 intensifies.


There was once this very annoying spell sentinel that took no damage from Lure and made Ritual Banishing 3 mana destroy your own minion… It was bugged like that for a loong time, but finally they chang…




cancerhai shudders




Definitely lasercats. I skipped Kron meta so nothing comes close to that. Songhai around that time was horrible as well


Burn Fa…Oh wait


What are lasercats?


I keep hearing it’s 3rd wish (+3/+3 & blast version) + saberspine tiger. I’m not sure if that’s correct though.

For all I can know it could be kinetic projection + tiger.


Third Wish used to be Blast? :vetwut:


Yeah Third Wish used to be playable on any minion and would buff and give blast. So you play tiger, play Third Wish, blast face for a ton of out of hand AoE. Very difficult to play around (especially when Star’s Fury is a thing) and very frustrating.


Yeah, 6 mana AoE 6 dmg made Spiral Technique look modest.


Ah yes the days of laser cats.

I have PTSD of the ridiculous idea of two draw per turn, and the control decks were the ones that had to run spell jammer, which was totally ass backwards.

It should be the aggro decks that have to run draw to refill their low curve hand, not the other way around.


Spelljammer actually had the opposite effect, and was completely unplayable in any deck.


Fun fact: Control decks ruled those metas with an iron fist.