Psychic conduit tooltip misleading?


Sooo souldnt it say “gains rush” or “and activates it” or something like that? I actually assumed it worked that way but it’s not clear from the tooltip


I personally was most confused by Pandamoniums tooltip. I thought it was crazy op when i read it at first, simply because the ‘until the end of the turn’ could also be referring to ‘that can not be attacked’ instead of ‘transform all minions into 0/2 Panddos’. Should be a comma somewhere in there.


acts the same? I’m quite sure you cant use the target of dominate will just after you use it


Dominate will doesn’t reactivate minions


I know Domwill doesn’t give rush, I just misinterpreted the thread which should be obvious from last part of my post. Hey, shit happens.


I not sure if it’s a bug but I was playing and friend match and my opponent blindscorch + Zen’rui my Grandmaster Zendo. But after the turn his general was still attacking like a battle pet. Eventually all the interactions will be known it’s only been 2 days.


shrug there was no need to edit the post, it’s all fine bro :smiley:


That’s a bug though, has to be-- if they owned zendo, the effect should have swapped to their enemy.

Damn I wish I got zendos in my first big shimzar pack opening. Its going to be months before I hit them on my craft list, but the effect looks so zany I wanna try…


It’s a fun card still not sure what the “two phrase word” he’s supposed to say is


Maybe ‘get baited’?


probably ‘mind control’. Makes the most sense. Honestly, it feels more like a Vet card… I’d trade them for Oserix, meme for meme xD


@thanatos996 @cassador I know what the 2 word phrase is lol