PSA: You can get 3000 points on GameKit (5$ steam card) for free because of Dooly


can you guys show me what it looks like after you click play for free and then go back to gamekit?


Just tried it again and it looks after clicking on play for free exact the same. It reloaded but nothing happened. Tried it on Google Chrome and on Firefox.


hmm, I don’t know why

maybe try a different offer and then do duelyst again?


But I’ve already got my factions past 20…


then you can just submit the screenshots and get it without doing any work


i think they only do these promotions for a limited time and since you already had it open or something, its still up for you


Well i did it yesterday right before i posted this, so im sorry


nooooo it’s not avaiable in my location :frowning:


turns out it wasnt unavailable? but i’m just stuck in this page??? :frowning: i want orb money


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