PSA: You can get 3000 points on GameKit (5$ steam card) for free because of Dooly


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gamekit is a website where you play games and do random things they request, send screenshots to prove it, then you can use the points to buy games on steam

You can get 3000 for “signing up” on dooly, then leveling up a faction to level 4, then leveling up to 12 on a faction, then 20 on a faction

Steps on getting a screenshot

  1. Go to profile
  2. Go to Faction Levels
  3. Press Windows Key + Prt Sc buttons together
  4. Screenshots are located in Pictures in your PC.

give it a try!

also: 3000 points is enough for 5$ on steam, which gets you a free boss crate key or some other stuff idk

I’m not sponsored or anything, this is just a site i use and I found dooly on it


instructions unclear finger stuck in toaster


It’s really simple you literally just go to the dooly page that i linked, click the signup link, go back, submit a screenshot of your faction levels


Two questions (and I’m not trying to troll you here, I’m genuinely curious): one, what program do you need to take screenshot with or is the screenshot submitted reviewed by a real human. Two, are you saying that if I have one faction level to at least 4 I get 3000 points? Three, is the reward stackable? Four, How do these points get transferred to Duelyst, do I link my Namco account? Five, if I get 3000 points, how many diamonds is that? Okay, maybe more than two questions. Also in description you said you’re not sponsored and then you just said you get free stuff if we tried it, I’m not trying to hate on your hustle or anything, but just you know, check that.

Also must reiterate I fully support what you are doing and will try it out when I understand it better using that referral code too. Hopefully this post didn’t come off as aggressive or anything and if so…hugs heal everything (except for everything)…:hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::kissing_closed_eyes::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs:


its a referral code

I just pressed f12 on steam, and submitted it, I don’t know how the process works

No, I’m saying you have to do that, then the other 2 objectives you need to do to get the points, it takes 3 days for them to review a screenshot so that they don’t get people abusing it

no, this is a seperate site. on gamekit itself, that site, you can redeem points for steam cards and game keys, so you can get a steam card and buy diamonds with that

however many 5$ gets you

okay, I’m just trying to share this so you guys can get some free stuff, and so that my referral link gets used so I get some extra goodies

and @ the spoiler: thank you! I hope i answered your questions!


Thanks!!..for some reason I feel like poop now. Uhhh…hopefully I didn’t offend you or anything galaxy dueler :worried:…I’m probably gonna leave for now :confused:.


no you’re fine i’m not offended

here’s the steps to screenshot

  1. Go to profile
  2. Go to Faction Levels
  3. Press Windows Key + Prt Sc buttons together
  4. Screenshots are located in Pictures in your PC.


so what happens if literally all of my faction levels are above level 20? am i even eligible for the prize?

also, how do you submit screenshots? i uploaded it to my profile but i dont know if i have to post it elsewhere


you are eligible, you just have to keep sending in the screenshots

you have to put it here


how do i get to that screen. when i go through the link i get to the duelyst page and it doesnt have anything like “quests” or “submissions”


you have to sign up for an account for gamekit, then press the sign up button


already did that, i have an account, its verified, and now when i go to the duelyst page i see this

there is no little clipboard or anything like i see on yours


yeah you click play for free to start up the clipboard

sorry for the confusion


i do that and it opens a tab for the duelyst website and there is absolutely no change in the gamekit page


just close the duelyst website and the gamekit page should progress


should but doesnt


It worked for me, I don’t know whats wrong with it


and its especially weird because it shows up when i clicked some other random game

did they stop doing it?

cause when i clicked on dota2 it also didnt have any promotions like duelyst didnt.


I dunno, I’m sorry


Well it doesn’t open any quest for me either. But maybe you can tell us when it is working again?