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Provoke deck! Any ideas?


I’ve had this deck for a while now, and I’m pretty happy with it. It was a dumb concept at first, but it’s won more than a few games! This one is the most current build, so I haven’t tested it a whole lot (It’s weak in single-target removal and I thought magnetize needed some love --as well as bolster-- and tempest only came in when I realized this sucks against swarms)

Weak against: hyperswarm (I haven’t drawn tempest, like, ever), and decks with lots of movement (in concept)

Any thoughts? suggestions? leave it down below!


Alarmist/protector is garbage, remove them.
Dont leave 1-offs, make them 2 or 3-offs
Needs atleast 3 more 2 drops
Tethermancer is not good aswell
Bolster not worth running, so is liturgy in this removal meta, better use bond for quick finish
Sunstrike seems like a wierd choice tbf, so does Magnetize without Thunderhorn
3 oath plz


Don’t do it.


it works so well.
just ask @galaxydueler


More cheap units needed + provokes = Swamp Entangler :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


You never draw Tempest because you have too many cards in your deck - it’s in desperate need of consistency. I have an old Super Provoke deck I can share if I can find it, but it’s from the Slo meta


All these 2x make my eyes burn… You might aswell add elyx and peacekeeper


I think that neutral 2/7 deal 2 damage to nearby minions is a must in provoke deck. Can’t remember the name. Acts as aoe too.


I built something like that to keep your theme (replacing the bad provoke minions with the good ones):

This needs some Lightbenders though and for that you have to cut some Provoke minions.


Thought it was a Vow provoke spell deck. If you remove it you kinda remove the reason for having so much provoke.
For Vow Primus Shieldmaster should be better than Dioltas since I assume the tombstones can’t be revived.


I would disagree with the windcliffe - a 4 mana 5/5 provoke and a 2/2, you can double ramp with both bodies because they don’t need to be next to each other, and what, songhai can use phoenix fire? I’ll def use thunderhorn tho idk how I didn’t think of that


bonereaper? that seems like a good idea

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