Provback Mountain


First time poster here :slight_smile:

I’ve spent the last week or so reading through the forums, and it’s given me a lot of awareness of the depth and knowledge people have about these types of games. I’m not very good (rank 15), nor do I have a lot of cards. I do like deck building though, so I wanted to share a concept deck. If anyone ends up trying it out, I’d love to hear the results.


By providing backstab minions with provoke, enemies cannot readjust to avoid the extra backstab damage. With obscuring blow, provoke minions get backstab (same result). Lastly, Golden Justicator allows your provback minions a MASSIVE amount of repositioning.

Early game focus: Stalling out with small cost combos for the sake of stronger combos later in game.

  • Void Hunters assist in keeping the cards moving while having something out on the field.
  • Wood-wen+Katara/Kaido Assassin (main concept). See 2nd slide below.

A (fairly ideal) Turn 1 Hand:

End of Turn 2:

Post early game focus:

  • Spelljammers (i’d guess 3 is excessive, 2 would be good) to keep the combos available
  • Primus Shieldmaster/Golden Justicator + Obscuring Blow could be brutal behind the opposing general

I state post early because I feel that higher skilled players would be able to see the pros/cons of the deck. I would assume it falls off late game and adjustments could be made for it (I use Paddo which has helped me win a couple games).

Any opinions and feedback about it are welcome and appreciated.


Nice, like the idea. You should try out 1 or 2x Bonereaper. Your deck has no AoE and it might help a little bit to clear wraithlings or even just a 2 dmg ping on a single minion is very good most the time


A simple question goes like this:

In your example, you’re playing against Vetruvian. Your opponent started off with a pretty terrible play, while you had an “ideal” hand. However, if your opponent has Falcius in hand, you lose the match.

How does the example do anything but tell me that your “best-case scenario” autoloses to the worst faction in the game?


The point of the two slides was merely to provide an illustration of the benefit and concept of the deck.

I see how Falcius would prove to be an effective counter towards the idea/strategy, but even 3 Falcius wouldn’t sustain the duration of constant provokes, as the deck holds 9-12 provoke minions (depending if wood-wen gambit is utilized).


New and nice idea you got there :slight_smile: I’d replace the void hunter by Sojourner for even more card draws, and if you’re lucky, applying Killing Edge and Obscuring Blow on Sojourners feels great too.


His point is more that even though you managed to hit him for 10, you have no cards in hand and no threats or ways to draw more threats. Saying that the deck has good stuff in it doesn’t matter if a good scenario winds up depleting your hand without putting you in a nearly-certain position to win.


Part of it is that the ideal turn 1-2 ideal is very much not ideal. Many players think blowing your hand early for a big burst is how you win the game, but it’s not. It’s how you lose the game if the opponent has any form of answer.

That Inner Focus for instance shouldn’t have been used.


Looks fun and effective if played well!

Might I reccoemend Blaze Hound instead of Void Hunter (instant value with a better, far stickier body) and perhaps finding a more effective replacement for Golden Justicar? With your teleports (including BBS) I’m just not sure the movement is that necessary.

Perhaps a couple Twilight Foxes would serve you well. If your goal is to place sticky provoke minions, Ancestral Divination would be a pretty solid option for card draw, otherwise a Xho could help you keep your hand a little more full in the early game.

The last thing you’re missing is AoE. Lightning Storm is decent, but with your early game curve Skorn is probably better. Although with your provokes, perhaps you don’t need much.

Enjoy, I hope this helps and let us know how far this deck helps you climb!


I appreciate all the constructive feedback from people (both in regards to the concept deck and my terrible playing skills :slight_smile:)

Yea, I don’t have obscuring blow, so I can’t utilize the idea yet myself. I actually do have skorn in my deck. I’ve noticed that it’s difficult to keep many minions actually on the field, so I’ve found Ancestral Divination to be inferior to a draw minion. But of course, I could be wrong in how I am playing it all.

I haven’t had the chance to use Golden Justicar, but I think it would be very useful because of how often I (and assuming others) find themselves in needing that last step or two to get behind a particular minion or general.

I hope this deck (or at least concept) would be able to climb, but it’s not a priority of mine. I personally enjoy Songhai and am more seeking out playing fun concepts.

Thanks again! If anyone ends up playing this or something similar, I’d be interested to hear the results still. :slight_smile:


I’m only a Songhai player when I play Reva Owl memes, so I can’t really say what cards are great. But it seems to me that between Mist Dragon seal and your BBS and possibly Twilight Fox you should be able to get behind them just fine, especially since you can restrict their movement with provokes.

A possible problem with the concept is putting provoke and backstab on the same minion, allowing the enemy to punch and kill them. If they’re kept separate, the enemy has to deal with the provoke and then the backstab, although you could probably do either depending on the situation.

Woodwen seems necessary for the deck concept but it’s just an unfortunately weak card.

I bet you could pull something like this off without obscuring blow, especially in silver.


This is a really nice concept, the only problem will be that it’s sort of inflexible. It only runs this gimmick, and while it is a strong gimmick, removal will just, well, remove it. For example, Phoenix Fire or Onyx Bear Seal. Or Ephemeral Shroud, or Entropic Deacy. Another good counter to this deck that people already do is just have a strong minion behind their general as this screws over backstab gimmicks completely. Lyonar also has a good counter in Sunstone Templar, as well has having an obscene amount of provoke themselves. I can see this being good if there was a way to consistently draw this combo without it being virtually your entire deck. Creative idea though, +1.


It is true that it is entirely the gimmick, but that was the purpose for me at least, to present it and the combinations. From there, people could try an alter or select which parts they find most appealing to the concept.

Personally, because I myself don’t have some of these cards, I do run a more overall balanced deck.

^As for MY deck, I almost never have card drawing and having some forms for combos. I find (again, my deck) to be most (and very) effective when being used as an anti-tempo or anti-aggro than as tempo/aggro. The largest struggle comes when allowing too many enemy minions stay on the board.

Idk, I’m only rank 14 (I refuse to play Abyssian and Magmar), but this is all just from my experience.


Refuse to play Abyssian and Magmar? Oh buddy, you shoud’ve seen Songhai over this past year…

You should try Abyssian, if you don’t play Cassyva Obliterate or Lilithe Variax the faction is nowhere near op and has a lot of fun options.

Back to topic, don’t worry about your rank. Once you get the spirit and gold for decent cards you can build yourself a cheap S-Rank deck and climb all you want. Fun decks like this are what keeps the game entertaining.


Umm excuse me? Vetruvian is not the worst faction in the game, it’s just the ginuea pig for CP’s oddest ideas.
Besides the concept behind the deck is attention inducing since it gives a new twist to the Songhai faction whilst utilizing a card that I’ve seen very little of even in its debut. The idea of forcing the opponent to either sacrifice more health or have an answer to getting rid of the issue is brilliant since they basically need either out of hand or proper board setup in order to efficiently get rid of something they would normally body block to avoid. One issue that you do need to address is your lack of card draw mechanics. As many have said before me, it is of great import that you save resources rather than use them for a one time burst, and I believe that it was @whyb0t who made the suggestion that you include onyx jaguar, which is great given how much movement that your allowed with this deck. Overall, it’s a solid idea and deck, you just need to remember how to reserve resources for better combos later on.


You can reach S rank with any faction. as long as you believe :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow: :smile:


I did a slight improvement to your deck, maybe you’ll like it.


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