Prototype Controll Sajj Deck


Hello guys !
It works. Really well. 4 rank ~70% winrate
I look forward to proposals how to change

The Deck


I would remove Sand sister Saon and maybe add Incinera in her place. So you will have more mobility. Besides, Saon has a terrible body with a lackluster effect (unless you like OTK obelisks with your bloodborn).


I can see why you wanted to add entropic decay + dominate will to Grincherz original list, but it seems a bit light on the early game as a result. But yea I feel like Saon could go first


I second the call for Incinera. I also see that you run Grove Lion. Incinera and Grove Lion act similarly as they have immediate effects that give you value, and if they survive till your next turns they continue adding more. Even after they are removed(they must be) you still get a good chunk of value out of them. If you like Grove Lion for perserving HP/ artifacts then try out Incinera to help compensate for Vets reach issues.


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