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Hi guys, this will be the page where i’ll share all my YouTube videos and content!

To start, i want to show you 3 games with the aggro cassyva deck that brings me to S rank this month with a fenomenal win rate of 24-3 and a 16 wins streak!

PS: i know the music volume is too high, i’ll try to fix it for the next one.



Great showcase! Like I said on yt the music was too loud though. Maybe next time you can just turn it off entirely?
Also in the last game, why did’nt you just cast double Shadow Reflection on the dervishes and went face with everything bringing your opponent down to 3 health? They would have died next turn to Desolator + Void Pulse.

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I said exactly this in the video but yeah the music really is too loud compared to my voice. Next time it will be perfect;)


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