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[Project in Progress] THE AZURE HERALD (like actually practically the official name now probably)


Now that I think about it, how about interwieving Thanatos about his view on the community? Would make a great article imo (if he agrees to it)


The Mythron Wanderer is still a better name than The Azure Herald. I mean, a deck-defining, iconic character and card versus a two-drop that heals your general.

The Mythron Wanderer. I mean, c’mon, say it out loud and tell me it doesn’t sound really freaking cool!

…I genuinely don’t understand why The Azure Herald won. I mean, what better name could there be than The Mythron Wanderer for a magazine that takes you on a tour of different aspects of Mythron? I don’t get it, guys.


There has been many newspapers with Herald in it’s name so it makes sense.


The very fact that Mythron Wanderer is deck-defining is a reason why it should not be used as the title. You don’t want to mislead people to think the newsletter is about a very specific topic (highlander decks).

Also a quick search on the definition of “wander”:
“walk or move in a leisurely or aimless way”.
Not exactly what you associate with a source of knowledge.


The Azure Herald sounds like a traditional newspaper. Mythron Wanderer sounds like a football team (Bolton Wanderers, Santiago Wanderers etc).


Not to be nasty to you or anyone who likes The Azure Herald, but it has none of the impact of The Mythron Wanderer. It’s unpunchy. The name’s functional, yes, but it has no flair.

I highly doubt that people will assume that the magazine is only about Mythron Wanderer decks. You couldn’t devote an entire magazine to that topic, it’s not enough material to work with. Besides, he’s more than the core card of a specific deck archetype, he’s the icon of Duelyst, the traveler-mage who greets you every time you start the game, who’s traveled to every corner of Mythron. He has associations with Duelyst itself.

And not all who wander are lost. As opposed to the word wander, the word wanderer carries vague implications of having been many places and seen many things. The term world wanderer carries stronger implications of someone who’s been to places you’ve never heard of and knows things most people don’t.

So the Mythron Wanderer probably knows more about Mythron than anyone else alive, going just by his title. And I’d bet it’s true, too. Maybe Starhorn or one of the other Magmar Aspects or whatever might know more, they’ve been around a really long time, as I recall. Regardless, the Wanderer is probably a walking library of knowledge.

And as far as associations go, I think the azure herald is mostly just associated with restoring three health to your general. He’s a very functional minion, true, but also very commonplace and generic. He looks pretty cool, but a lot of things in Duelyst look pretty cool, and when it comes to what he does, again, he has no flair. He’s a 1/4 with a healing gambit. The Mythron Wanderer, on the other hand, is a symbol.

Traditional newspapers are dying. This is a creation of the internet age, about an internet game. There’s no actual need to name it like a traditional newspaper. And while “the Placename Wanderers” sounds like the name of a team, The Placename Wanderer, no S on the end, doesn’t. Team names are plurals.

I’m not trying to make anyone mad or be rude about this, but The Mythron Wanderer is flat-out a better name, and I can’t stay silent on this. Everyone, and @raputha in particular, I’d like you to consider the laid-out arguments. And if anyone else wants to chip in in favor of the name The Mythron Wanderer, much appreciated. We only get to finalize the name on this thing once, and The Mythron Wanderer is friggin’ perfect.


To you :slight_smile:


I don’t know about you but this seems to work perfectly imo and what even is this “unpunchy” the Azure Herald doesn’t mak an impact on me but neother does the Mythron Wanderer.

Doesn’t mean that are nane shouldn’t be like one.

The newspaper is dying because it’s not as convenient as taking out our phones, not because of the names.

And I second what @nwardezir said.


It’s also approved of to at least some degree by all those people who liked my original post for the name.

Yeah, I’ll give you that one, it’s true it’s not an inherent reason not to name it like an actual newspaper. But it’s not an inherent reason to name it like a newspaper either.

Punchy would be to the point or relatively to the point but also having impact. I love the Mythron Wanderer’s name, and his presence as an icon of Duelyst gives him and his title extra weight. Also, apparently Mythron Wanderer decks are actually good, not just a cool idea? At least that’s what I’ve been hearing. I’m sorry if you don’t like his name, but I think it’s really cool. Mythron and wanderer are both cool words to start with, and putting them together is even better.


Give it a break, it’s mostly @raputha 's choice as he initiated, put his energy (and skills) and supporting the project. You gave a title now let him call the shots :wink:

There are so many more constructive things to do than posting messages to argue on the title … submit a deck, fresh ideas, suggestions, some content, but enough with the polls and messages related to the title please.


@unreason i appreciate you taking your time and trying to better this magazine but i agree with @epicflygon and especially @nwardezir here. Many people like either of the names and the argument that it is a flat-out better name doesnt hold much merit in an opinion-based discussion. You have solid arguments in that he is an icon of Duelyst and fits thematically too but i’m pretty set on the Azure Herald.

He’s also iconic to Duelyst in that he is with us for very long now. He’s a 2-drop that can be played in just about every deck - which makes him generic yes, and that was a critique point of yours - but in my opinion that is the one big reason he fits better here. While most people wouldnt think a magazine called “The Mythron Wanderer” is all about highlander decks, some will, given a big enough sample size. A golden rule in Design is:

“Don’t design for the smart people who will get it - Design for the fools and make it as easy for them to understand”

The final title is The Azure Herald.


Also here’s a quick


We have one article almost finalized now, and some more in the coming! I’ve already contacted some known people to sort out some content ideas and i think it’s going well.

At the moment i’m busy with working to get a new job but starting from wednesday i will have a LOT of freetime and this is where i will really get the ball rolling and contact more people, theorycraft more content ideas together, maybe start some threads for it well see.

Also the AZURE HERALD MEME DECK CONTEST (very cool.) is still going until thursday this week (that is only two days left. Submit your juciest meme-dripping well-done overcooked meme decks here to get in this very cool™ magazine.

As always pm me if you have ideas or otherwise want to talk to me about the project :slight_smile: im always happy to have people participating as big or as small as they want.


Truer words have not been spoken

Also,just curious but which article is almost done?


the one i teased…your second turn thread xD 2 others are in the working


Ok thx for letting me know, good luck!


100% agreed


How bout Ynsider, geddit. Duelyst, Duelist. Arcanyst yst yst yst yst ist ist ist ist. …


Just gonna call it a Nywspaper then :thonk:


The New York Tymes

15 killme’s


The Mythron Tymes Daily