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[Project in Progress] THE AZURE HERALD (like actually practically the official name now probably)


Nope one version Merica


It shouldn’t matter too much whether it is British or American English.
Just make sure it is consistent for each article. The last thing you want to see is the same word appearing multiple times spelled differently.


Just what i was thinking. Consistency is key and most likely it’s gonna be US English for the broader usage.


for consistent consistency in deck article building you can only use each spelling 3 times, then you have to switch.



15 chard goddammit


Color, Colour
Armor, Armour
Favorite, Favourite
Centre, Center
Realised, Realized
Those are the ones that come to mind between Canadian and American English (British English is pretty much the same as Canadian but has some different words entirely, i.e. lift, flat, lorry etc.)


While I certainly can appreciate the international appeal to use regionally appropriate language, I really only see two choices:

The version of English in which the game itself is published…


The version of English preferred by the publisher of the newsletter.

It has been put up for vote, so my assumption is that the syntax and spelling will be decided by the community.

While it will make editing slightly more difficult for me if non-American standards are chosen, I can abide by the will of the majority (to the best of my ability).


I think it will just be American English, because

  • Consistency throughout the whole thing
  • America is bigger >:D
  • isbee can work better

Edit: its also not a big deal and any person from europe who gets european english will get US english too.


Isn’t CPG also American?




Hey just wanna say what you have so far looks fantastic, and I look forward to reading your articles regularly :slight_smile:

If you ever want a guest article written, I wouldn’t mind helping out. Otherwise keep up the good work :sunglasses:


@buddybluebomber thank you! :slight_smile: means a lot. I would love some more articles! :smiley: if anything i can store some for the unannounced, unplanned and maybe not even happening (but hopefully) second version xD but it’s probably gonna go in this one anyways xD just shoot me a pm if you want :slight_smile:


i wonder if you guys can get some interviews going with streamers, artists, and developers. not sure how hard that’d be, but it’d be so dope


Why not kill three birds with one stone and ask @Ryvirath?

I know he is an ex-developer.


Hey man I actually would love to use this concept to make slides for my stream so if this doesn’t work out maybe we can do something together.

I started altering this after I saw the concept to see how it would look on my stream and I liked it. I know what I want to have included on it but I just stopped short of doing it since I’d rather ask the artist himself about it.


You could use this if you wanted yeah. (Just dont try to do a full magazine yourself plz xD) It’s an InDesign file though so idk if you could even work with it. I can send you the PDF file if you have an pdf editor but it would be tricky to swap out the Decklists.

Or i blank it all out and send you a highresolution jpg or tif so you can edit over it?

Edit: That would erase all the textlayout tho so idk xD You can shoot me a pm and we talk about how you want it :slight_smile:


Nah your overall layout and design is what I’m after. Just squish it to 1 Page put Pro/Cons and a Pro Player Tip with the deck have picture of the main card of the deck ect is what I’m thinking.


Probably someone already suggested this, but probably some collaboration with “the tournament Report” might be nice (of course you will need to talk with the guy from The BadMagmar), so the magazine has a corner dedicated to tournaments results.


He has a name and it’s @kirabi.


thanks, I wrote the message rather quickly and I didn’t remember the name on the top of my head :slight_smile: