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[Project in Progress] THE AZURE HERALD (like actually practically the official name now probably)


I can serve as the other, but will most likely make edits according to the Chicago Manual and I might make more largescale edits to make something sound better, you can choose to include those edits in the final draft.

If you want my help, PM me the draft and give me a due date. I will try to help as best as I can.


This is really nice! I think you guys should look for a proofreader though! I’m seeing two typos: “trail” instead of “trial”, and a period where there’s supposed to be a colon.


lol…yeah…when it is time


That sounds great. The finished thing will take a lot of time to work on tho as i dont have unlimited time to work on it. I will pm all you guys then :slight_smile:

@cloudfrog thx for pointing it out, i just typed away, proofreading will come at a much later stage.


As a European I want to be an editor to make sure people use their "U"s correctly.


That is actually a concern, raputha, who are you trying to appeal to with this magazine? Depending on whether it is the US or Europeans, there will have to be different editing styles. If European, then, unfortunately, I cannot help.


@epicflygon, @phoenixtoasches, guys, could you please explain these European or US editing styles difference for me? Afaik, there are only two types of styles - ones that make everything look good, and ones that make everything look bad.


As a European I genuinely find without the U hard to read, while whenever an American has talked about it they just say “But why?”

@alplod Certain words I spelled with Us (or with extra) in Europe while in America it’s without.

Certain words are also completely different as well: I.E Eggplant = Aubergene.


No, I mean words like “color” being spelled “colour” in other countries and probably countless other things I don’t know about.


Ah, I see. Color vs colour and favorite vs favourite.

Is it so important?


Well, the problem is that I don’t know how far it goes so that’s why I say depending on who you are appealing to, it is better to get an editor of the corresponding nationality.


Yeah, as a European I find pronouncing (could just be how I read because I pronounce it in my head.) “Color” hard to read compared to “Colour”.


As a nonnative speaker I don’t give a shit. It’s hard while it’s not in Russian.

But I see your point.


Another thing is the use of S vs Z.

I.E: Realised vs Realized.


be like me. use both versions. at the same time.


Which one is American?


I’m like oranos actually. xD I’m german btw. But i guess i would do it in US english rather than british?

Also @epicflygon what do you mean with all those Us? Have you got an example?


Looks like I have.


ohh thats what he means. alright. i like both maybe i should do a poll.

  • American English
  • British English

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is it really gonna be a 50/50 …xD
i guess its gonna be whatever. Or we release